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Andy Millar 

The EEN Intelligent Energy Sector Group

Andy Millar


At the moment 65 EEN Advisers are members of the group. You can see our locations on this google map.

Some of us have years of technical expertise in the sector, some of us have in-depth market experience and knowledge, and some of us are generalists who have decided to get involved in this very active area as a way to find opportunities for our clients. As we continue to work together to connect Europe's most exciting energy innovators, here are three activities we're focusing on right now.

Enterprise Europe Network - intelligent energy sector group

Intelligent energy clusters

Access to lots of contacts in the sector in our region, is what we all have in common. One recent activity has been for the members to compile a database of related clusters in their region. This database can be used to connect and internationalise clusters.

Funding opportunities for the energy sector

One item on the agenda at our next meeting at Research Promotion Foundation is the C-ENERGY 2020 project, which connects national contact points dealing with the Horizon 2020 research and development funded opportunities related to energy.

Energy sector events

Another useful aspect of the group is how we support and promote each other's events. For example EEN Adviser Kees Mokveld from Holland is organising a brokerage event at a wind energy trade fair in Rotterdam this June. He's using the group to attract as wide an audience as possible.


So, if you are a company involved in the energy sector, or you want to break into that market, just get in contact with your closest adviser. There are other organised sector groups on the European Commission website.