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Andy Clark 

Brexit Britain, still doing international business

Andy Clark


Brexit one month on - BBC debate

The BBC broadcast an audience-attended Newsnight debate over the weekend discussing the referendum result last month. 
It touched on the audience’s hopes and fears post referendum (social policy and economic policy optimism vs the country having less interest in environmental concerns), then focused on two big headline grabbing topics; free movement of people and the single market. 

Free movement of labour across Europe 

Whilst according to this Newsnight piece, this was the strongest argument for Vote Leave, Philip Nelson, Chair of Research Councils UK, has already raised concerns to Parliament's Science and Technology Committee that restricting the flow could have on research in this country.

Single market

During the debate, Nick Clegg cited the Prime Minister’s inaugural visits to Germany and France, where she said on both occasions, we should pursue the ‘closest possible economic relationship with the European Union’ - which opens up the conversation around retaining sovereignty vs. the UK’s new single market negotiation.

International business continues

While the task of unpicking the detail behind Brexit will take years to come to fruition, Europe continues to be a fertile place to do business and we have an important job to do.
We, Enterprise Europe Network, help UK businesses and support their future competitiveness, including:
  • finding potential collaborators, partners and customers globally – EEN is the world’s largest business support network
  • accessing funding and finance from public sector grants and private investors;
  • accessing new markets, understand the rules, regulations, fiscal requirements and many more issues for trading in those countries;
  • developing a business’s innovation management capacity to more effectively and rapidly commercialise their ideas.
The Network operates in over 60 countries internationally. Earlier this month for example, we were involved in a Chinese delegation of businesses visit to the UK where they wanted to meet our clients to open up conversations with.


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