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Andy Clark 

Innovate UK funds, connects and now, regional presences

Andy Clark

Liz Flint talked to Universities UK recently about Innovate UK’s simpler offer and the work of its regional managers in making closer ties with the local landscape.

Innovation changes the world 

It breeds new products, services, industries. We’re here to support companies in doing that.

Innovate UK funds and… 

We provide grants and in the future other financial products to help companies develop those risky early stage ideas. Half our projects involve academia somehow. We’ve moved to a regular rhythm of broad competitions around our sector group structure…
  • Emerging and enabling technologies
  • Health and life sciences
  • Infrastructure systems
  • Manufacturing and materials
…as well as open competitions for industries which don’t fall within that structure.
Projects which used to get funding from our initiatives like Smart, are still fundable, we’ve just lost the name to simplify the whole offer.

…Innovate UK connects

We help connect people to expertise, partners, facilities in the UK and abroad. Everyone is part of this at Innovate UK, but in particular this is Enterprise Europe Network and Knowledge Transfer Network’s domain.

Enhancing our regional presence

We’re doing this to understand what the innovation priorities are at local level and look for opportunities where these align with Innovate UK’s national sector priorities – spotting opportunities to make public money go further. Our regional managers (located around the country) are looking for hotspots where the priority on both sides are high, so let’s work together.


[Technology Strategy Board]