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Andy Clark 

Entrepreneurs can be lonely – 5 work hacks to deal with it

Andy Clark

Tips for entrepreneurs
Although the modern-day entrepreneur might lack the maniacal stare, a culture of solo working persists.  To tackle the challenges more effectively, here are our top tips to help you leapfrog the bumps along the way.

1. Try a new contact sport 

Give up trying to crack problems alone and collaborate with others. Tap into innovation networks and find people who will expedite your problem solving – the Knowledge Transfer Network and Enterprise Europe Network for example.

2. Get out and about

Leave your workplace and step into a broad network of innovation gurus, funders and academics.  There are some great events out there where you can meet potential partners, funders, competitors.  

3. Have a conversation 

Find out what others are up to.  Open your eyes and ears to feedback to help bring your conceptual ideas to life!  Remember to be careful not to disclose too much detail about your ideas (your intellectual property) before they have been protected.

4. Make your case - support your cause

There are other people out there looking for you and your innovation.  Enterprise Europe Network’s partnering service can showcase your innovation and technologies to international partners.  There are also many competitions that you can enter for funding – take a look at the Innovate UK funding competitons to get you started.  

5. Get found 

Don’t rest on your laurels hoping to be found – make it easy for people to find you! If your company profile appears in as many places as possible, your message will get out there.   


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Enterprise Europe Network is the front door, we have a great understanding of what’s on offer and can connect you with people that can help you. Our specialists are in just about every sector with a local, national and international perspective. 
We are part of the Innovate UK family and dedicated to helping ambitious companies innovate and grow internationally. We can put you in touch with other key organisations within the Innovate UK ‘family’ include the Knowledge Transfer Network – who specialise in cross-sector collaboration and connecting companies to other businesses, universities, funders and investors – and Catapult Centres: not-for-profit technology and innovation hubs connecting businesses with UK research and academic communities.
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