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Anca Mandruleanu 

A helping hand with assessment for learning

Anca Mandruleanu

Small businesses are an important part of the economy and across Europe represent 99% of all enterprises. Yet, business skills are a common challenge for entrepreneurs who get into the game because of passion for their product.

Where could the help come from?

Finding real and unbiased mentorship can become a challenge. That is why some feel the need to hire professional services to help them spot their weaknesses and work on their strengths. However, there are other resources available out there for SMEs at no cost, which supply the same impartial advice and support.
Recently, we put one of our clients, BlueKit Medical, in touch with Kingston Business School for an exercise where Blue Kit got consultancy from MBA students. 
The consultancy project had two stages: 

MBA students investigated organisation development related issues in close cooperation with BlueKit. 

The consultancy project with Kingston Business School (KBS) allowed BlueKit to assess their business strategies and explicitly communicate their plans and methodologies.  
A consulting team of three exec MBA students worked on identifying clear and accessible routes to a given market.  The proposal comprised identifying deliverables and proposing recommendations that could strategically increase market share and enhance brand awareness and product reputation within the boundaries of limiting factors.

BlueKit received a realistic business consultancy service including detailed analyses of particular aspects of their business. 

The consulting team prepared a comprehensive report and presentation to convey their findings, complete with feasible recommendations and a proposed timescale for delivery, and thus a means to measure and monitor the success.
BlueKit leadership team was able to sit down and mull over KBS’s report, extracting very real implications and engaging in careful deliberation.  They are already looking forward to employing a number of recommendations.  All of the individuals involved in this project came with real business experience, and BlueKit appreciated the time to learn from others.  
BlueKit are continuing to work with EEN and Kingston Business School on a similar project this year.

What did our client think?

EEN's client BlueKit Medical
(From left to right: Nicolas Tonello – Director, Constelcom; Rebecca Porter – Managing Director, BlueKit Medical; Serhiy Kovela – Senior Lecturer, Kingston Business School)
Rebecca Porter from BlueKit said about the experience: 
“Our experience was fantastic. This project enabled us to build in valuable time to explicitly communicate our plans and methodologies, and critically assess our business strategies.
Our consulting team of three executive MBA students used their experience and academic understanding to review, evaluate and deliver a proposal comprised of recommendations and deliverables designed to strategically support our objectives. The consulting team prepared a comprehensive report and presentation to convey their findings with achievable, measurable and time-related targets.
We found we were able to extract very real implications and engage in careful deliberation, enhanced by the views and assessment of those outside of our organisation. It is a very real delight to continue working with each other, as together we strive for opportunities and achievements that propel us all.” 
[Greater London Enterprise]