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Mathilde Murphy 

Hidden grants opportunities for SMEs

Mathilde Murphy

Did you know that successful large-scale Horizon 2020 projects which are already in receipt of EU funding sometimes have grant opportunities open to SMEs?
These grants are called ‘financial support to third parties" and the upper limit is 60,000 euros per organisation and usually involves an element of co-financing or match-funding.
The original project who was awarded the fund will be looking support to help the project and will set its own eligibility criteria for SMEs to apply.
Sometimes the financial support may take the form of a prize or an award following a competition.
Because it is public money that is used to fund these activities, the lead co-ordinator of the successful H2020 project must publish a sub-call for proposal on the public portal for H2020 
Check out regularly the open competitive calls and calls for third parties section of the H2020 Participants Portal
Examples of current open opportunities:
  • Service robotics for industrial use:  submit your Robot Operating System (ROS) application and and a technically sound plan to achieve it and receive 30% of the total cost to perform the work if your application is successful.
  • Internet of Things: grants available for SMEs and start-ups wishing to develop and pilot FIWARE-enabled solutions in the broad Smart Cities domain and the area of citizen's services.
  • Biobased Industries: SMEs can receive 10 different type of innovation services from 6 service providers   to support their biobased economy project and the development of life cycle assessment, sustainability, IP positioning, etc, funded at a 75% funding rate.

As usual please check individual eligibility criteria and terms of conditions as they are specific to each project.


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