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Martin McGurk 

ISO 5050x Innovation Management Systems Drafting Update

Martin McGurk


ISO Technical committees work in mysterious ways: not intentionally, it just happens that way. Representing 48 countries, the working groups (WG) of TC 279 recently met in Madrid (April 2017) to continue the drafting of the future standard on Innovation Management Systems and good progress was made, ahead of the full plenary meeting scheduled for autumn 2017.



Hosted by the Spanish standards agency, AENOR, Each of the four working groups met to draft different elements of the future standard.

·       WG1 had to carefully review several hundred comments in their Innovation Management System draft as it moves to the next round of development

·       WG2 continued to help define the terminology that all the groups need to use

·       WG3 having completed one section on collaboration have started to develop new sections, and are currently concentrating on relevant aspects of intellectual property and strategic intelligence

·       WG4 reviewed comments on their principles of Innovation Management Assessment document and have started drafting work on the main document

Further updates coming soon! In the mentime if you'd like to know about innovation, and how to do it effecively, contact your local Enterprise Europe Network Innovation Specialist, we're here to remove some of the mystery.

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