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Jenny Lawson 

New e-guide to manage age at work


A new on-line guide has been launched, to help employers and workers in Europe manage the issues associated with our ageing workforce.
The practical e-guide has been developed by the EU’s Agency for Safety and Health at Work  (EU-OSHA) and forms part of a 2 year campaign to raise awareness of the health & safety issues arising from the fact that the workforce in Europe is getting gradually older as birth rates decline and retirement ages rise.  
The e-guide is structured around four themes: 
  • ageing and work
  • healthy workplaces for all ages
  • health-promoting workplaces
  • return to work. 
It can be used by employers, workers, human resources managers or health & safety professionals and includes lots of links to further information and sources of good practice.
Why not take a look:
If you have any other queries about the European rules on health & safety at work and how they impact upon your business, please do not hesitate to contact our enquiry line on 0300 123 3144 or e-mail and we’ll put you in touch with your local advisor.
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