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Mathilde Murphy 

Getting tactile for the visually impaired: EU funding news


Innovators working on life-changing technologies for the disabled should consider EU funding and competition prizes to raise awareness of their work and grow their business.

An upcoming competition from Horizon is inviting innovators to develop an affordable, full page tactile display, able to convey information in braille and tactile graphics and improve access to digital information for blind and visually impaired people. It could also be applied to people in professions or activities that involve simultaneously using vision and touch (e.g. pilots).

There are around 30m visually impaired Europeans that need assistance to access video, graphics and other rich multi-media content online. Recent technological developments have provided them with some solutions, such as text-to-speech technologies, but in a digital world, where communication has become increasingly visual, there is more to be done.

This competition allows for innovation to create solutions to visually impaired Europeans who want to experience text and graphics through the sense of touch and to improve their quality of life, especially in the area of education and access to work.

The competition documents are available on the Horizon Prize website and the online application form will officially open from 17th April 2018 until 27th November 2018. Find out more.

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