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Mathilde Murphy 

Scaling up eco-innovations to improve resource efficiency



Do you have a ground breaking eco-solutions ready to scale up? We have support ready.

Could you share your innovation and knowledge so that SMEs can follow your path and join in with new strategies and practices towards a greener world?

Companies and organisations in the EU with innovative green solutions relevant to the circular economy are invited to submit their application to the EC and benefit from

  • matchmaking with SMEs who want to implement these circular economy solutions
  • EU-wide visibility and exposure opportunities 

Selected providers will receive support in scaling their their products or services and in finding commercial or technology partners interested in taking on new green solutions for their business.

The closing date for submitting your proposal is 18th September 2017. The EC will then select the most suitable applicants.

Key criteria to apply are:

  • early stage development product or service
  • not yet widespread throughout the EU but aspiring to do so
  • focus on one of the key sectors of the EU Action Plan on Circular Economy
  • has a potential for scale up.

For more information and to apply, click here.

[Exemplas Holdings Ltd]