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Rodolphe Soulard 

KR Trauma Support secures €50K grant through Horizon 2020

Our client, an online psychological business wins European funding


KR Trauma Support (KRTS) specialises in providing services for the management of psychological trauma to organisations and their staff. When a traumatic incident happens, it can be devastating for all those involved. The impact can hit people psychologically and financially and disrupt the smooth running of organisations. Many events can be traumatic to an individual.


KRTS is passionate about addressing societal challenges, and in their work with clients, have found that both stress and anxiety can contribute to people struggle with their eating which often leads to being overweight and obesity. Not only can this have an impact on their health, it can also impact on their psychological frame of mind. This can cause the person to feel frustrated and helpless, impacting in all areas of their life, which may result in a lower productivity in work than before. To overcome this psychological impact, KRTS had started working on a new project – The Art of Losing Weight - an online psychological boot camp that helps people have a focused and empowered mindset, enabling them to follow an individual blueprint detailing the necessary action to achieve their weight loss goal.
In order to develop a pilot platform, KRTS was looking for funding.


Cath Kerr, one of the Directors of KRTS, attended an EEN awareness raising session on Horizon 2020 where she discussed possible financial support with Enterprise Europe Network, including the SME Instrument.
Open to highly innovative SMEs with global ambition, the SME Instrument can provide grants between €50k - €2.5 million as well as world-class business coaching to fast track new innovation projects to the marketplace.
After the first assessment of KRTS' plan, there was no doubt that the project aimed at transforming disruptive ideas into concrete, innovative solutions that could have an impact on many Europeans.
In order to develop a robust SME Instrument application, KRTS received support around their innovation strategy, intellectual property protection and market intelligence from Enterprise Europe Network and its key partner, the National Contact Point.
“EEN has been instrumental in helping KRTS grow and securing the SME Instrument grant”,
says Cath Kerr, Director of KR Trauma Support. 
“The grant will allow us to get in depth validation, testing and final development work completed for the roll-out of the initial pilot platform sooner that we could have anticipated. Ultimately our vision is to develop through Europe and internationally and we feel that we are supported by a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will take us in that direction” she adds.
“I am very proud to be working with KR Trauma and that they secured the SME Instrument grant. The project will no doubt support the growth of the business and its future is very exciting” says Andrew North, EEN Innovation Advisor. “The SME instrument is a great instrument to support the growth of highly innovative SMEs and to fast track their products or services to international markets.”
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