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Justine Finance-Elzokm 

ITSA Goal Posts kicks off its journey in international markets thanks to EEN


ItsaGoal specialises in manufacturing of sport equipment, in particular in football goalposts. The company, based in Sheffield, offer anti vandal  fixed position steel and aluminium goalposts, folding goals, parks football goals, portable adult football goalposts, top quality lockable stadium goalposts. 


Being a small company ItsaGoal was losing many opportunities from international market due to limited manufacturing capacity. To overcome this limitation, the company expressed the need to find companies specialised in aluminium, steel and plastic products as manufacturing partners under license or other manufacturing agreement able to help deliver current foreign demand and further develop the demand in Europe.


ItsaGoal attended the brokerage event “Sport Tech Match” which took place in Sheffield. As a follow up action the Enterprise Europe Network met the company for a technology audit and business review. After the publication of the profile, Varmot expressed the interest in becoming partner remarking its capability to technically accommodate the production of goalpost according to the technical specifications of the UK company in Slovenia. The companies then met to define the details of a joint venture agreement including: 
  • Technology transfer: the Slovenian company will replicated the same process and equipment used in the UK
  • Manufacturing agreement: the Slovenian company will manufacture football goalposts using the ItsaGoal brand
  • Marketing Agreement: The Slovenian company will use its network of contacts and will carry out marketing actions to promote the products in Slovenia and Balkan area.
"EEN Yorkshire pushed us to look at international markets. They introduced us to various options. Without EEN this cooperation would not have taken place".
John Wilson, ITSA Goal Posts
“We decided for a new approach and take the advantage of the Enterprise Europe Network services introduced by the Enterprise Europe Network team from University of Primorska, Slovenia. This new approach helped us a lot by finding new business opportunities, meeting new requirements, new customers, suppliers and new channels that can be used. Finally, after several attempts we managed to do the technology transfer and signed manufacturing agreement with the British company Itsagoal.”
Ademir Ibrahimović, Varmont.