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Multilingual customer review analytics solution

global reputation is almost totally automated. Currently, there are other solutions in the market that provide customer review analytics but are limited regarding the number of languages supported and do not... more


Customer intelligence & analytics platform for chatbot era

how's). This technology solves two problem: •The need of a system combining different data sources for better customer analytics and “behaviour understanding”. •The lack of personalization of customer care, especially... more


Cost-effective smart distribution board with data analytics

developed by the institute can provide real-time detailed energy usage using analytics. This means that one can get real-time feedback of how much energy are being used in the various parts of the house, e.g.... more


Intelligent, structured, medical reporting with integrated AI-ready suite that generates machine-readable data for healthcare analytics

Background: The company was founded some years ago as a spin-off from a Southern German university. The company offers a solution for structured medical reporting and clinical guidance. The first platform was launched in radiology and the integration... more


A Spanish SME offers its expertise as ICT partner in designing and implementing Technology 4.0 solutions combining Cloud & Data Analytics

Based in Madrid, Spain, the Spanish SME designs and implements Industry 4.0 solutions combining Cloud technologies and Data Analytics. Together with their clients (both End-Users & Research, Development and Innovation... more


A Dutch global leader in data science and analytics is searching for biotechnological solutions to produce the enzyme Linamarase on an industrial scale.

The Dutch corporate is the global leader in data science and analytics. They develop and work with big data for food and agri companies on various applications. In addition, they have their own lab facilities in... more


German cell culture expert offers analytical services to industrial or academic partners in the field of biotech/biopharma

feed development as well as in customization thereof. Through years of experience, they have also been able to develop themselves strongly in the field of analytics. The company offers a broad portfolio of analytical... more


Data management system for energy and environmental data

blocks, from data acquisition to complete reports: - Data Acquisition and Standardization: Flexible data acquisition mechanisms (Application Programming Interface (API), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), uploads). - Data Analytics:... more


Greek company provides an innovative virtual reality platform for surgeon training

individuals, medical schools, universities or medical device companies. Individual users can be trained from the comfort of their home or offices and a personal skills tracking and development is offered in the form of detailed analytics... more


IoT (Internet of Things) platform to manage devices or machines and designed to fit in all the vertical scenarios like Smart Energy, Smart Grid, industry 4.0, Logistics & Transport, Retail, etc..

, provision, manage, monitor and troubleshoot any IoT application. From a single platform, the users can monitor all their assets, obtain remote control, perform data analytics and visualize remotely. This platform... more


German SME is looking for an adhesive manufacturer or developer

A German SME active the development of innovative products in the field of diagnostics and analytics, life science and pharmacy is looking for an adhesive in order to complete the development of a product. The... more


A cloud usage based insurance (UBI) platform for the motor insurance industry

fleet sectors with advanced driving behavioural analytics and telematics services. The company has currently developed the proposed technology by using state of the art technology and algorithms, reliable metrics... more


Dutch based international company specialized in Customs & Trade Control is looking for a solution in the sense of an automated classification system according to Harmonised System standards (World Trade Organisation) and value validation.

challenge. The company is looking for start-ups, developers or SME’s and is open for all innovative solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, big data or smart data analytics. This technology request refers... more


Simple and affordable space missions

providing a service using satellite data. This can range from satellite imaging companies to data analytics provider to big corporations and governments, IoT (Internet of Things) communication providers for smart... more

United Kingdom

Development of custom remote industrial monitoring and control solutions for infrastructure, factories, plants and industrial sites offered for commercial partnerships

parameters and analytics - Environmental monitoring and control - Power supply monitoring and control - Access-control, remote CCTV (Closed-circuit TV) - Reducing staff costs for the routine operations, such... more


Digital twin technology for planning and monitoring cities and construction

achieve improved business outcomes. The digital twin technology consists of three components: a data model, a set of analytics or algorithms, and knowledge. The solution processes historical context and performance... more


Lithuanian medical software manufacturer offers intelligent solution allowing a connection of all medical devices into a unified network

. the OS includes 4 separate products which could be used as integrated part of a system or could be integrated into other systems: 1. Mobile medical device operating system's functionalities: OS service that performs the analytics... more


Innovative IoT technology (hardware and software) for remote patient monitoring and public safety.

forwarded to the emergency call center (Public Safety Answering Point). The system integrates latest technologies of deep learning (AI), machine learning and data analytics. The value of the system lies in its... more


H2020 MSCA: German large company looking for researcher with expertise in collaborative robotics, autonomous vehicles, AI

intelligence, machine learning), data analysis/analytics and algorithms. Due to the nature of MSCA IF SE, it is not possible at this stage to give more details on the content of a possible project. This will... more


A smart fuel cap for transportation industry

scheduled and auto reports • Data plan and analytics included The domestic market offers very limited possibilities for exploiting this innovative product. Therefore, the company is dedicated to exploring the... more

North Macedonia

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