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ICT-49-2020 : Collaborative Artificial Intelligence on demand platform

AI researchers are isolated in research centers and their scientific and technology strengths are not always well shared in the economy and society. To optimize industrial competitiveness across all sectors including for SMEs and non-tech industries... more


Energy saving technology using artificial intelligence seeks commercial agreement with technical assistance

Central energy grids need to constantly balance the energy demands of the network. One way they do this is by financially reward businesses for turning up, down, or shifting their energy use in real-time in accordance with the energy grid's... more

United Kingdom

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the service of investigating the correlations and the enhanced treating of the multiple chronic diseases

in the most effective and coordinated manner. A Greek SME company dealing with the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions presents a novel approach towards the effective... more


Knowledge and technologies to optimise industrial processes and environmental sustainability via artificial intelligence

The Spanish company with an extended experience in the optimization of industrial production processes and environmental sustainability by applying artificial intelligence techniques... more


An artificial intelligence (AI) powered algorithm that predicts sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) from an electrocardiogram (ECG)

A UK-based medical software company applies artificial intelligence to patient data to produce new early warning products. They are seeking to develop an early-warning system for... more

United Kingdom

Seeking technologies that maximise customer engagement for artificial intelligence-assisted predictive marketing system

The Singapore SME is a games development company that also targets at helping lifestyle businesses such as retailers, hoteliers and restaurateurs through gamification in engaging their customers. With the growing importance of social media,... more


Artificial intelligence and advanced encryption technology aimed at enhancing data privacy is offered to be integrated with media agencies, demand-side platforms, data management platforms and digital publishers.

using artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced encryption, which collects and aggregates user data while preserving privacy, complying with regulatory demands, and adapting to changing... more

United Kingdom

A healthtech software development company offering an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered service that recommends suitable medications based on patient’s medical conditions

The Greek SME is dealing with healthtech software development. The company develops and commercialises, since 2010, software solutions that empower health professionals by assisting them with clinical and pharmaceutical information at the point... more


Italian SME leader in the x-ray and ultrasounds technology sector is looking for partners with know-how in the field of artificial intelligence aimed to detect in automatic mode defects in mechanical parts under a technology cooperation agreement

The Italian company - founded in 1947 and located in northern Italy - is active in the field of x-ray and ultrasounds technology. It is among the leading manufacturers of x-ray and ultrasound equipment in three different sectors: medical, security... more


A drug discovery and development company offers its artificial intelligence (AI) platform for a co-development opportunity to find new medical uses for a chosen drug and/or to identify new drugs for a selected indication

A clinical-stage drug discovery and development company based in Barcelona (Spain) has developed an efficient and predictive proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology for... more


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