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A novel and multifunctional biomarker for cancer

multifunctional biomarker making it a helpful tool for personalized medicine in cancer treatment, which shall directly improve patient care through early diagnosis of the disease and better adjustment of therapeutic... more


First biomarker test for the diagnosis of osteoarthritis

-4 in order to strengthen significance of diagnosis (Table 1). Thus the present invention is the first serum biomarker test that helps to support the clinical diagnosis of OA. The university offers a license... more


Biomarker for efficient prediction and monitoring of tumor necrosis factor alpha in inflammation inhibition therapies

effects and high costs associated to TNF-alpha-blockers treatment. A German research group has generated positive data on the novel use of interleukin-22 binding protein (IL-22BP) as biomarker for the prediction... more


A comprehensive platform for contract research laboratory services bundled with cutting-edge bioinformatics for cancer drug efficacy screening, biomarker discovery and patient stratification

ATCC (American Type Culture Collection) and proprietary cell lines offer a wide variety to design the ideal drug screening experiments. Biomarker analytics - The platform offers 300+ multi-omic analytics workflows... more

United Kingdom

New biomarkers and technologies for circulating tumor cells (CTC) identification and isolation

circulating tumor cells of phenotype epithelial as circulating tumor cells that present Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) markers using miRNA-21 as a biomarker. The research group is looking for the following... more


Early classification of aggressive prostate cancers

is a correlation with the risk for metastasis and the Gleason score, however there is an ongoing search for new biomarkers that directly correlate with the risk for metastasis. A German university discovered vimentin 3 (Vim3) as biomarker more


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