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Technology injecting trusted metadata into files using blockchain

timestamped in real time and their unique hash is anchored by default on the bitcoin blockchain to prove the existence of the file on a given date. By sealing proofs of integrity and authenticity in documents,... more


A blockchain-based system for registered electronic delivery of data offered for licensing

confirmation of the status of completion or cancellation of the delivery, where no TTP is used but a blockchain. The technology permits tracing the delivery of messages, controlling the flow of data exchange through... more


Greek research institute is looking for commercial and industrial entities interested in sourcing blockchain R&D services

A Greek institute has expertise in developing blockchain solutions acquired from research work conducted over several research and commercial projects. The institute is within a successful Greek research center,... more


An Italian company, expert in application services employing the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Established in 2013 by a group of partners, specialized in the creation of software in the financial and documentary field, this Italian company reached in a few years an in-depth knowledge of the Blockchain technology... more


Software platform for improving electric vehicle (EV) recharging management and energy exchanges looks for financial and technical cooperation

monitoring and control to improve efficiency • Attract new clients to their charging station • And secure the transactions: using blockchain technology to certify and guaranty transactions It is a blockchain... more


A UK based company offers a social media type of functionality for smart devices:offering secure easy connection, tracking and management of sensors and beacons

production activities without developing costly in-house solutions. Features: - easy connection of different types of sensors - blockchain-based authentication and security - machine-readable data format - machine... more

United Kingdom

H2020 - SU-ICT-02-2020 Cyber security : a French SME expert in the IoT sector is searching for a consortium

: conception, development, also when it is deployed, used, and updated. This take into account ML and AI. - topics in the field of cryptography, key distribution protocols for IoT, or blockchain to provide better... more


Offline communication system exchange for proximity interactions

its areas of application, is based on this technological infrastructure and is therefore unique, albeit polymorphic. The system already has a part on the market (proximity communications with basic data tracking), a part under test (an intelligent... more


Platform based on QR codes for dynamic content management.

processes. The platform gives special attention to traceability using technologies such as blockchain. The platform gives access to tools and mechanisms for the management and treatment of QR codes, such as: •... more


Scottish (UK) Research Organisation seeks to join consortium for H2020-SC6-GOVERNANCE-2018-2019-2020: New forms of delivering public goods and inclusive public services

the transformative impact of new technologies such as blockchain should also be taken into account. Proposals should also lead to the development of business plans that would ensure the long-term sustainability... more

United Kingdom

A UK SME is offering a predictive analytics audit and risk platform software

embedding blockchain and AI technology via technical co-operation agreements but also looking for industry partners who are Value Added Resellers (VARs) via license agreements. They are also open to joint venture... more

United Kingdom

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