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Technology injecting trusted metadata into files using blockchain

timestamped in real time and their unique hash is anchored by default on the bitcoin blockchain to prove the existence of the file on a given date. By sealing proofs of integrity and authenticity in documents,... more


Innovative platform backed by Blockchain technology for improving the food traceability process

SME has developed an IT platform backed by Blockchain technology to respond in a more efficient way to the food traceability process needs. Through this solution, the agrofood sector operators can not only record... more


Logistics management software powered by blockchain, artificial intelligence & machine-learning technology

The software developed by the Singapore-based company is suitable for all logistics companies. Incorporating blockchain, AI and machine learning capabilities, the software is designed to empower small and medium-sized... more


Greek research institute is looking for commercial and industrial entities interested in sourcing blockchain R&D services

A Greek institute has expertise in developing blockchain solutions acquired from research work conducted over several research and commercial projects. The institute is within a successful Greek research center,... more


UK London based business seeks partners for Horizon 2020 application developing Next-Generation Internet

requires technology and protocols are developed to ensure that there is no “blocking, throttling or discrimination of internet traffic by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the EU”. The reality is, blockchain... more

United Kingdom

Offline communication system exchange for proximity interactions

its areas of application, is based on this technological infrastructure and is therefore unique, albeit polymorphic. The system already has a part on the market (proximity communications with basic data tracking), a part under test (an intelligent... more


H2020 - SU-ICT-02-2020 Cyber security : a French SME expert in the IoT sector is searching for a consortium

: conception, development, also when it is deployed, used, and updated. This take into account ML and AI. - topics in the field of cryptography, key distribution protocols for IoT, or blockchain to provide better... more


Platform based on QR codes for dynamic content management.

processes. The platform gives special attention to traceability using technologies such as blockchain. The platform gives access to tools and mechanisms for the management and treatment of QR codes, such as: •... more


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