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Cloud-based solution for the financial management of clinical trials

Financial workflows in clinical trials involve several parties in various countries, tax and currency regions. All parties involved have to deal with many manual tasks, diverse data sources and non-standardized... more


A Swedish SME offers a unique computational methodology for virtual prediction of human clinical pharmacocinetics and metabolism

A Swedish SME, active in the area of pharmaceutical technology, has developed a unique platform, including software, for high quality predictions of human clinical ADME/PK (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism,... more


Early treatment of epilepsy in newborn offered by a French clinical research team

A French clinical research team has developed an innovative treatment for paediatric epileptic seizures coming from a vitamin-sensitive effect. This research team is represented by a Technology Transfer Office... more


Allopurinol-based paediatric treatment of autistic disorders proposed by a French clinical research team

A French clinical research team has developped an innovative paediatric treatment for autistic disorders coming from a specific enzym deficiency. The team is represented by a Technology Transfer Office (TTO) which... more


H2020 - A French organisation offers its expertise and know-how in evaluation and clinical research in ageing, geriatrics and gerontology

prevention, care, technical assistance and training of health professionals. The French organisation has a strong expertise in clinical research and evaluation directly in the field: in geriatrics institutions... more


French pre-clinical biotech company offers its expertise in drug discovery and repurposing to identify personnalized medicine for patients with rare monogenetic diseases

The French company is a pre-clinical biotech company with a strong expertise in the fild of monogenetic disorders designing and developing miniaturised and automated in vitro cellular and phenotypic assays based... more


Non-internalizing, linker-less galectin-3 binding protein targeting antibody-drug conjugate for treatment of cancer

pharmacokinetics. The product is in pre-clinical stage of development. In order to submit the application for phase 1 trial, the following steps have to be performed: (i) generation of a stable antibody producing... more


A UK SME is looking for neonatal and paediatric hospitals for vital-sign remote monitoring collaboration under a technical cooperation agreement.

24/7 that allow having a clear image of the exact ongoing condition. Although some systems are available for use in clinical settings, there is not yet an option for parents to monitor signs reliably at home.... more

United Kingdom

Intelligent, structured, medical reporting with integrated AI-ready suite that generates machine-readable data for healthcare analytics

Background: The company was founded some years ago as a spin-off from a Southern German university. The company offers a solution for structured medical reporting and clinical guidance. The first platform was launched... more


Actively targeted polymeric micelles for drug and gene delivery

of cancer and other complex diseases with an important genetic background. However, the in vivo delivery of oligonucleotides (OGN) has precluded the clinical use of gene-based therapies mainly due to its vulnerability... more


A Phase 2a-stage drug for Huntington’s disease for license agreement

) orphan disease space—the company’s therapeutic focus. The company’s pipeline consists of clinical-stage assets for Huntington’s disease and Adrenoleukodystrophy, as well as preclinical-stage assets for Adrenomyeloneuropathy,... more


A comprehensive platform for contract research laboratory services bundled with cutting-edge bioinformatics for cancer drug efficacy screening, biomarker discovery and patient stratification

An East of England company has developed a genomic platform to improve cancer treatment outcomes through advanced genetic screening technology. It aims at assisting both clinical oncologists and the researchers... more

United Kingdom

Design of novel multicomponent nanosystems for the treatment and diagnostics of solid tumors

therapy. Partners are sought to participate with the finalisation of the pre-clinical and/or clinical trials. Most suitable partners are already involved in biotechnology and pharmaceutical... more


UK-based SME offers biopolymer wound dressing to industrial partners under a license agreement

scale. This wound dressing technology has completed in vitro biocompatibility studies with good results. A clinical trial has been lined up to generate the data required for CE marking. The UK SME is looking... more

United Kingdom

Molecular oncology diagnostic tool in targeted therapy

The Italian company offers a full range of histology and cytology tests for oncology. Stemming from the clinical experience the molecular tests are based on the choice of the most important genes involved in the... more


Development and manufacture of viral vectors for genetic vaccines and advanced therapies

through vectorization and transgene engineering. Additionally, the company has state-of-the-art technologies and expertise to evaluate the immunological responses to viral vectors in samples from preclinical models and clinical... more


A novel human epidermal growth factor receptor-3 targeting antibody-drug conjugate for treatment of cancer

. This molecule has shown potent therapeutic activity against several types of cancer and has good safety profile combined with a favorable pharmacokinetics. The product is in pre-clinical stage of development.... more


GMP (Good manufacturing practice) production of cell therapy products

quality assurance laboratories including cell biology and molecular biology laboratories. Company’s customers include hospitals, biotech and pharmaceutical companies conducting cell therapy-based clinical trials. Regenerative... more


Online rehabilitation game that mimics physiotherapy moves for motor impaired patients

immediate use but requires validation as a Class 1 medical device before it can be released for rehabilitation purposes. The game might also be used as a tool for clinical studies or licensed in the health and... more

United Kingdom

Innovative target therapy for melanoma treatment

early stage melanoma at risk of unexpected progression after surgical treatment or earlier in treatment. Biotechnology and/or pharmaceutical company or SMEs are sought for license or financial agreement. The area of activity of the partner... more


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