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Cloud-based secure access control locking system

The SME offers access control security solutions comprising a cloud-based locking system to enable smart, auditable access control and compliance reporting.... more


Highly sophisticated industrial optical quality control system

assistance. Partners could be companies who produce machinery for feeding or separation of production items. The quality control system can be integrated easily into the production... more


Small Hydropower Generator with Torque Control System

control systems. The existing technology lowers the efficiency of power generation, and the grid frequency is separated if the inflow flow fluctuation occurs. The developed technology enables that the system... more

South Korea

Innovative fire control system for buildings

the presence of a fire by means of its built-in detection sensors, the control system sets up the air conditioning to extract the smoke and at the same time measure its temperature... more


Robot control system for the use in collaborative robotics

demanding process requiring complex SW tools. This innovative technology includes a complete control system for collaborative robotics, which means software and hardware for direct... more


Adaptive control system that saves energy and reduces wear

leads to high wear and high energy consumption. A German university now responds to this problem: The university developed an adaptive controller that renders possible the optimal use of value-continuous control... more


Electronic control system for hydrofoil boats, watercraft or vessel

entire foil wing. It can control the cant, the rake and other axis if needed using sensors and specific parameters like the desired height of the vessel above the water. This system... more


Intelligent Lighting Control System based on LED technology

The research group has developed an intelligent road lighting control system based on LED technology and a network of presence sensors and communication devices on streetlights. The... more


Linear amplifier control system for real-time control of phase and amplitude in single- and multi-current systems

control unit to generate three (sinusoidal) control signals, which are coupled to the input channels of the three individual amplifiers of the linear amplifier. Dynamic control... more


Modular system for combined drug release control over time and space.

An Italian start-up, that works in the pharmaceutical sector, has developed a novel drug release system based on a modular technology. The startup conduct research in the areas of solid dosage forms (tablets... more


Robotics control system for a dynamic robotic arm able to perform tasks in unstructured environments

, industrial manufacturing, medical robots and so on. The software platform would be used to configure and implement a dynamic and adaptive hierarchical control system solution.... more

United Kingdom

A new smart industrial refrigeration control system that minimises energy consumption

A Spanish technology centre has developed a new smart industrial refrigeration control system based on advanced models and big data technologies. The system... more


Smart-system for the control and management of complex energy facilities and networks

The IT company occupies leading position in Ukraine in the development and implementation of new information technologies in the energy sector. Information technologies are oriented to optimize power consumption, energy saving, control... more


A Chinese company is looking for an automatic control system for drilling jumbos

development technology and market research. 2. Jointly develop the computer control system of drill jumbo. 3. Installation and debugging of drill jumbo. 4. Jointly carry out industrial... more


A Chinese company is looking for modular integrated design and control technology for intelligent lubrication system of new energy vehicle

integrated design and control technology for intelligent lubrication system of new energy vehicle. . The technology request includes: 1. integrated design of high efficiency miniaturized... more


Intelligent control system in electric power substations of the transmission and distribution grid, improving voltage quality and reducing power losses.

transformer status and on load tap changers (OLTC) position. The system comes with the necessary software which enables the user to control effectively the substations and inform... more


Partners sought for automated system for light signalisation of pedestrian crossing / walkway with traffic and safety control

The Bulgarian company was established in 2011 and has an experienced team of researchers and engineers in the field of innovative solutions applicable in urban environment, sensors, control measurement systems... more


Innovative system to monitor, predict and control algae with the use of ultrasound in many large water surfaces such as lakes, ponds, and drinking water reservoirs.

is set in a database which is incorporated in the system. The company developed different ultrasonic treatment programs to effectively control different types of algae. Each program... more


Bulgarian company, developer of patent-protected electronic control unit - EMS (electromagnetic system) circuit breaker, needs financing under financial or joint venture agreement to start its production

mechanism for electric power driven machines, including high power electrical machines and equipment. It is integrated into the control panel and is the connection between the start/stop command button and the... more


Dutch based international company specialized in Customs & Trade Control is looking for a solution in the sense of an automated classification system according to Harmonised System standards (World Trade Organisation) and value validation.

Dutch internationally operating company with more than 170 years of experience and specialized in Customs & Trade Control with 20 offices in Europe supports its clients in the supply chain with all matters related... more


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