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FTI - Structural health monitoring of bridges

identify the bridge strategic structural elements at risk of failure on which detect the level of damage and monitoring its variation over time. A first draft work Package breakdown structures is: WP1 - Bridge structural health... more


A French SME offers clinical data management and drug safety/pharmacovigilance software solutions for human health and animal health under services or software licence agreements

complete data analysis tasks. The company is also developing customized software to complete the performance of the existing applications. They are looking for human or animal health partners for services or... more


Singaporean manufacturer of health screening kiosks for office use seeks for distribution services agreements in Europe

To combat health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and other illnesses stemming from a sedentary lifestyle, the Singaporean start-up has developed a kiosk which can be deployed in offices for users to check... more


UK developer of mobile, point of care health assessment is looking for distributors

for distribution partners who have the ability to deliver on a national basis with sites where the company’s service could be deployed – this could be as part of their wellness / health brand (gym, pharmacies..)... more

United Kingdom

Smart monitoring solutions for health and agriculture offered to partners for technical, research and services agreements.

existing technological tools or create new ones adapted to their needs Desired cooperation: Services agreement: any company (mainly SMEs) involved with technology, and particularly from health and agricultural... more


A Finnish company is looking for licensees for a mobile health platform

public and private sector health care organizations. The service is a tool for care providers and their patients in monitoring the care plan implementation. Patient can enter objective and subjective information... more


Distribution partners sought for high-quality nutritional health supplements, dermocosmetics and medical devices

Founded in 1978 in Piedmont Region (Northwest Italy), the Italian biochemical and pharmaceutical company holds thirty years experience in research and development of highest quality nutritional health supplements,... more


Health care company from Bosnia and Herzegovina seeks investors for a unique eye drops product

The company from Bosnia and Herzegovina is a family company dealing with the development of medical products. The company also sells medical products and equipment. The company is looking for partners to invest in the drip, the first in the... more

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Large worldwide data record system offered for health research projects, vector maps and feasibility/exploratory studies

The Spanish research institution based in Catalonia was founded in 1996 by the regional government, in order to promote and manage innovation, training, teaching and clinical research, epidemiology and health services... more


French food ingredients manufacturer on the health and nutrition sector is looking for distributors

ingredients are made : – a food ingredient with recognized properties, for joint health improvement – a cosmetic ingredient with wound healing and moisturizing properties These are five quality food ingredients,... more


Monitoring system for structural health of bridges and buildings in urban and remote locations

functional systems solution for monitoring the structural health of bridges and buildings in urban and remote locations. The system is a combination of various sensors, data-collection and transmission units,... more


French health company is looking for distributors or licensing for its chronic stress measurement solution

The French health and well-being company is specialising in physiology and the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The client has developed a solution to evaluate the ANS balance, the risk of chronic stress of a person... more


Swedish company, specialized in gut health, is looking for distributors within EU

since 2010 without any side effects. It's the most sold OTC (Over The Counter product) IBS product from the Swedish pharmacies since 2015. The product is found on nine different markets and is recommended by health... more


Research and development of nutritional health supplements, dermocosmetics and medical devices

Founded in 1978 in Piedmont Region (Northwest Italy), the biochemical and pharmaceutical company holds thirty years experience in research and development of highest quality nutritional health supplements, dermocosmetics,... more


French digital platform for collaborative health and patient empowerment offered for H2020 collaboration

A French company focused on improving the daily lives of patients suffering from chronic diseases has developed a digital platform for a collaborative and equitable health, focusing on the patient experience and... more


Slovenian producer of technical socks for people with specific health-related challenges seeks distributors

consistent growth year after year. Apart from the classical hosiery business, the company also develops socks for people with specific health-related challenges. In terms of their registered trademark they developed... more


UK company seeks commercial agents in the expansion of their medical health predictor platform

The UK company has developed a health predictor platform that can produce information to forecast future demands within the healthcare sector. The company is seeking a commercial agency agreement with agents... more

United Kingdom

French food ingredients manufacturer for health and nutrition is looking for distributors of B2C products

This French company promotes the biotechnological potential of snails. It is the probably one of the first companies in the world to provide advanced products containing bioactive ingredients derived from snails. Two unique finished products... more


Turkish software company, specialized in the health sector, offers its hospital information system software under commercial agency agreement

A Turkish company offers its software to deliver its desktop, web and mobile compatible products to new markets. With the hospital information system offered, all personal information of a patient and all operation information with contact information... more


Looking for improved ways of monitoring the patient inside and outside of the hospital, for better health outcomes.

Today, patient care delivery in hospitals is often inefficient, leading to high costs, less than desirable health outcomes and overworked staff. Discrete views of patient information can cause miscommunication... more


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