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Biofiltration process for hydrogen sulphide removal from gas streams

sulphide removal, an expertise in microbial ecology and a know-how in biotechnological process design. The filtration process was evaluated and validated in a reasonably realistic environment, with hydrogen sulphide... more


Device for removal of hydrogen sulphide and sulphide sulphur from the water

Developed device is able to remove hydrogen sulphide and sulphide sulphur from groundwater. Hydrogen sulphide and sulphide sulphur occur mainly in groundwater with deep circulation... more


A technology (an installation) for production of ultrapure hydrogen and oxygen

The Ukrainian university since 1998 works on electrochemical engineering field and has almost XX years on experience in the field of special instrument. Specific area of activity: typical applications for the hydrogen/oxygen... more


An Italian researcher is looking for industrial or public research partners to develop an innovative system for the simultaneous production of electricity, hydrogen and oxygen

-iodine cycle and to produce oxygen and hydrogen gaseous. This combined-cycle gas-turbine / steam-turbine modified system enables the production of electricity with greater efficiency than currently available... more


Advanced process for efficient hydrogen production through photoelectrochemical solar water splitting based on a new photoelectrochemical cell design and a new module architecture

Hydrogen is an important raw material for chemical processes e.g. crude oil refining, production of fertiliser or synthetic fuels. But it gains increasing attention as a source for renewable energy generation and... more


Method for increasing the concentration of tritiated water

concentration of tritiated water has been developed. This involves introducing the tritiated water into an electrolysis cell to form gaseous hydrogen and oxygen. The evolved hydrogen... more

United Kingdom

Dutch operator of offshore floating platforms is looking for ways to convert wind power into hydrogen and further into a liquid that can safely be transported to the shore

for the transportation of the energy to the shore. Electrical power can be converted into hydrogen, but further steps are required to convert this gas into a transportable liquid synthetic fuel, such as ammonia,... more


Multi-purpose solar power plant with increased efficiency

components of the offered solution can be used independently to produce hydrogen as an additional energy source. One of the four independent power generation systems is designed to use seawater. The seawater... more


Novel electrode mass of zinc electrode for alkaline rechargeable batteries

The Bulgarian research institute has more than 50 years of experience in the research and development in the field of electrochemisty. In the recent years it has developed novel approaches and technologies in the field of hydrogen... more


Fuel cells R&D capacities offered with a view to contribute to challenging projects within a project consortium

company, eventually a research institution, and pool the capacities to contribute to challenging projects within a project consortium. Hydrogen is widely regarded as key element when it comes to society powered... more


The intensification of the process of fuel combustion

fuel combustion it is proposed to use the electronic-catalytic processes of preparing the fuel-air mixture and processing of fuel and air by barrier or gas discharge for combusting the fuel. The additional formation of hydrogen... more


German sensor manufacturer is looking for plant engineering companies

, > indicators. The company is looking for system manufacturers who provide plants for the use or production of hydrogen. Within a commercial agreement with technical assistance they are interested to distribute... more


Ligand-free production of gold nanoparticles

fragmentation is repeated in a free jet of liquid and addition of inorganic oxidizing agents, e.g. ozone or hydrogen peroxide. In this way, gold nanoparticles smaller than 5 nm (ø particle size at approx. 2.5... more


A clean energy company with materials for energy generation and storage offers collaboration opportunities in manufacturing, research and development.

& membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) for proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, electric vehicle range extenders and fuel-cell vehicles, hydrogen purification units, renewable power storage, electrochemical... more


New noble metal-free catalyst for the production of propylene oxide

reactions in liquid phase using dangerous and highly polluting agents such as chlorine and hydrogen peroxide. In addition, these processes produce large quantities of by-products in the reaction. These by-products... more


Rapid deposition of carbon nanowalls (almost 1 µm/s) for fuel cells and batteries

conditions and depositing on a substrate, where elevated temperature of the substrate is essential. Addition of hydrogen proved to be relevant for a good quality of carbon nanowalls. Main obstacles these techniques... more


Synthesis of aluminides of IV-V group refractory metals in hydride cycle

hydrogen by vacuum annealing at 1000ºC (the temperature ensuring dissociation of the hydrides). During heating of the compacted mixture of hydrides (≤ 2 hours), a strong activation of metals occurs due to the... more


New metal-free electrocatalysts for fuel cells

It is essential to find new forms of energy generation that reduce the harmful effects of fossil fuels and increase the energy efficiency of the devices used. In this sense, hydrogen-based energy systems are the... more


Industrial partner sought for a joint doctorate / advanced training in mechanistic electrochemical studies, call H2020-MSCA-ITN-2020.

/hydrogen reduction/evolution reactions or similar reactions. The topic of the project is the mechanistic study of the electrochemical reactions related with the processes mentioned above. The projects seeks to... more


Partners sought for new metal-organic frameworks with application in gas storage and separation, membrane fillers, catalysis, lithium batteries, proton conductors, sensors, drug delivery systems etc.

which can be beneficial in applications where high humidity and temperature are applied or fluctuate. Therefore, the metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) offered have application potential for gas storage and separation (e.g. hydrogen... more


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