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Laser rangefinder - electronic unit

This Bulgarian research team has developed an electronic unit applicable for laser rangefinders. The team has expertise in R&D and engineering in defence technologies and in the space research domain. The proposed... more


Inspection of infrastructures with 3D laser technology

even workers can have different points of view about the same specific part of the infrastructure checked. Using technology centre technologies based on 3D laser inspections, all these variables are overpassed... more


Flow sensors calibration by means of Laser-Doppler

A German research institute, specialized on metrology, has developed an improved solution for the calibration of flow sensors by means of Laser-Doppler Anemometry (LDA). During LDA two laser... more


German research institution is offering ultrashort pulse laser ablation for the functionalisation of surfaces

Founded over 200 years ago, the university operates one of the most prestigious technological institutes in Germany. The university has a special focus on engineering. The research group is working in the field of energy related technologies,... more


Arch branched laser-assisted endovascular stent-graft system offered for a license agreement worldwide

advanced approach by using laser-assisted extracorporeal shunt device for the treatment of aortic arch aneurysms and arch dissections under neuroprotection. Moreover, the arch branched laser-assisted... more


Novel Electromagnetic Sensor for Contaminations in Fog Based on the Laser-induced Charge Effect

Atmospheric dispersion is one of the main means for spreading of substances harmful to humans - chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents, toxic compounds, etc. These agents are usually dispersed as an aerosol, either in liquid phase,... more


Photonic Jet, a new laser technology for sub-µm processing of different materials

A German company is looking for companies, preferably SME, which need a laser technology for processing or marking (e.g. semiconductors or metals) with sub-µm resolution. The new Photonic Jet Technology is a... more


Technology and equipment for production of porous material from polytetrafluoroethylene by laser ablation

developed method the solid PTFE is evaporated by a laser beam and condensed on cold surface as fibres. At present, the porous material produced in form of wool or felt. The wool consists of fibres 5-15 micrometers... more


Lithuanian scientific research institute offers all-silica optical coatings for laser systems and optical components manufacturers

Lithuanian scientific research institute operates an Optical Coatings Laboratory, which conducts scientific and technological activities aimed at the formation of thin layers for optical and laser applications,... more


EUROSTARS: A German SME is seeking partners with expertise in oncology, femto-second-laser technique, and medical software development to build a prototype of a patented laser-based cell disruption technology for the anti-tumour immune therapy.

company has built up a development division for medical diagnostic and non-medical analysers based on laser- and optical fibre technologies and micro-electronics. In order to obtain an individual anti-tumour... more


Horizon 2020: FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking – consortium seeks partner in the area of laser physics and molecular quantum control

Cutting edge quantum technologies are currently being used in the areas of communications, computing, and sensing. This project aims to extend the application of quantum technology in the field of propulsion. A quantum drive would not interact... more


A Brussels SME offering flexible thin film solar modules is looking for a company that can provide induction/laser technology for the development of wireless solar modules.

induction or laser technologies which are needed to operate the electrical part of photovoltaic panels. The wireless solar module concept is built upon the electrical part of mainstream solar modules that contain... more


German start-up company is looking for investment and technical cooperation for further developing and marketing its innovative infrared-laser scanner.

. The team members are active in research, business development and marketing. The innovative high-speed scanning process is based on an infrared laser for the qualitative detection of near-surface substances.... more


An innovative semiconductor manufacturing process based on an aluminium alloy

laser) or new types of sensors like Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) or LIDAR. * State of the art : III-V semiconductors compounds are alloys containing elements from groups III and V in the periodic table. They... more


Biomaterials research expertise and facilities offered with a view to joining a European project consortium

nanoparticles that enhance osseointegration and textured surfaces with suitable morphology for the growth of bone cells. As for other topics related to biomaterials, the research team specializes in: • Laser... more


Material-in-tube Wires for Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Engineering components produced via wire-based additive manufacturing can access markets easier due to faster processes, less material waste and improved properties of printed parts. Within this industry, electron beam and laser... more

United Kingdom

French SME specialized in precision cleaning for high-tech industries is looking for technical partners

sprays adapted to molecular and microbial contaminations removal) - cryogenic spray (projection of mini crystals of CO2, combining mechanical action and solubilization of various pollutants) - laser (generation... more


Ligand-free production of gold nanoparticles

nanoparticles (Au-NP). A laser fragmentation process makes it possible to produce carbon-free gold nanoparticles (Au-NPs) smaller than 5nm. For this purpose, gold nanoparticles are removed in a liquid medium.... more


License for mirror component for ultra-stable resonators

smaller thermal noise. The novel mirror can be inserted into fabry-perot resonators, which are used to stabilize laser systems. Such laser systems achieve a relative frequency stability... more


Receiver system for fiber-guided ultra-precise frequency signals

A research Institute active in metrology in Germany has developed a receiver system for fibre-guided ultra-precise frequency signals. The system enables the transmission of the signal of an ultra-stable single-frequency laser... more


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