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Glass manufacturing technology

The Lithuanian SME is specializing in glass manufacturing and processing technology. For a number of years they have successfully providing glass manufacturing and processing technology... more


Additive manufacturing with raw material custom

the key to develop a new system to custom raw materials in the additive manufacturing. This represents the big difference between this process and the standard one. Thus, through the novel system, customers can... more


Manufacturing of an implantable neurological electrode

internal fascicles. The holes in the wires are put at different lengths so to permit the connection with fascicles disposed at different profundities with respect to the base of the cuff. The Swiss company is seeking a partner for a more


Diagnostic solution for manufacturing product cost reduction

Manufacturing enterprises are focused on cost reduction and continuous improvement in their factories. For an ideal factory scenario, production should be carried out without any losses in cost while maintaining... more


Tailor-made manufacturing execution system (MES) and manufacturing operations management (MOM) software

A Serbian IT company (2017) is a spin-off from a Belgrade outsourcing company (2011). The company delivers innovative and ready-to-use software solutions to its industrial clients. The software optimizes their businesses, anticipating market... more


A highly sensitive quartz temperature sensor – a method of manufacturing

An innovative design and technology for manufacturing high-quality quartz temperature sensors is created in Acoustoelectronics Laboratory as a part of Bulgarian academic institute for fundamental and applied research.... more


Additive manufacturing methods for metals, ceramics and diamonds sought

motor engines. They are looking for start-ups that can offer solutions in additive manufacturing with metals, ceramics and diamonds. Traditional manufacturing processes such as... more


GMP (Good manufacturing practice) production of cell therapy products

The Basque biopharmaceutical SME is an authorized ATMP (advanced therapy medicinal products) manufacturing laboratory for its proprietary cell therapy pipeline as well as for third-party production services. The... more


Multifunctional cabin wall concept for aircraft manufacturing

Walls of structures usually serve multiple purposes, which often result in conflicting requirements. This is especially true for airplane cabin walls. They have to provide sufficient thermal and acoustic insulation, must be of low weight, and... more


Manufacturing partners are sought for encapsulated cannabidiol enriched olive oil

expressions of interest by several canapa distributors and producers. They are now looking for a contract manufacturing organisation (CMO), with a view to scaling up production volumes to kilos and then to large-scale... more


An innovative semiconductor manufacturing process based on an aluminium alloy

A French Technology Transfer Office (TTO) is acting on behalf several major laboratories in the Paris region. A research team has developed an innovative platform that allows to easily build a monolithic AlGaAs-on-Insulator for semiconductor... more


Non-chemical methods for manufacturing hydroxytyrosol for the development of consumer products

Environment. The company is interested in innovating through the revaluation and manufacturing of products derived from plant species, such as hydroxytyrosol (mainly from olive leaves and pits). For this purpose,... more


German SME is looking for manufacturing partner for innovative yachts (catamaran)

manufacturing agreement in the form of contract manufacturing. Due to shorter transportation distances partners in the Mediterranean but also other countries with sea access are... more


Slovak SME oriented on research, testing and specialist production seeks innovation and manufacturing partnerships

), - PP staple fibers for technical and textile applications, - engineering and technology equipment manufacturing. Other expertise of this institution covers the R&D services for polymeric systems, man-made... more


New materials to simplify the creation, manufacturing and end of life processing of polyolefins

-friendly materials and exploring ways for recycling or reuse. New materials and methods are sought that promise to simplify the creation, manufacturing and end of life processing, whilst not compromising in... more

United Kingdom

Inhibition of formation of toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process of polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

A Turkish company, which was established in 2016, developed a method for the hazardous chemicals which are come out during the PET process. The method is useful for inhibiting hazardous chemicals such as acetaldehyde, carboxyl end groups and... more


Ukrainian food company seeks milk drying technology under license or manufacturing agreement

an environmental impact. The enterprise is looking for appropriate technologies owners, business partners for cooperation by license agreement or manufacturing agreement. more


Turkish new technology electric boiler inventor is looking for license or manufacturing agreements

now looking for investors or manufacturers who are willing to manufacture the boiler. License or manufacturing agreement types are preferred. The inventor is also ready to discuss to sell all his rights regarding... more


A Chinese company is looking for vacuum sealing ceramics manufacturing technology with improved performance

manufacturing technology with new energy and high performance. (1) Achieve a breakthrough in matching dry pressing molding of Al2O3 ceramics and metallization. A. make a breakthrough based on traditional 95%... more


Ring lights for high-precision manufacturing. German research institute seeks commercial partners for its technology.

The fine adjustment of tools presents a great challenge in precision manufacturing, e.g. ultra-precision milling. Deviations in the nanometre range already cause considerable quality losses, thus only single-flute... more


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