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Development and manufacturing of electrospun innovative devices

The French SME stands as an efficient industrial partner to scale-up laboratory developments in order to reach the market. The company can work on the design, the prototype development and the manufacturing in... more


Material-in-tube Wires for Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Engineering components produced via wire-based additive manufacturing can access markets easier due to faster processes, less material waste and improved properties of printed parts. Within this industry, electron... more

United Kingdom

COVID19 – Machine for manufacturing surgical masks at industrial scale

of manufacturing surgical-type masks, with up to 4 layers of protection and with ultrasonic welding systems for the assembly of the mask. The production capacity can be 60 or 120 units per minute (depending... more


Engineering simulation services for European projects on Additive Manufacturing industry

manufacturing techniques, they have extended their scope on many fields as Oil & Gas or Steel mainly. One of their core activities is fluid and mechanical simulation services using FEM (Finite Element Method)... more


Manufacturing partners are sought for encapsulated cannabidiol enriched olive oil

expressions of interest by several canapa distributors and producers. They are now looking for a contract manufacturing organisation (CMO), with a view to scaling up production volumes to kilos and then to large-scale... more


Enhancing manufacturing by using predictive data

Modern manufacturing sites collet big amounts of data, which is often due to complexity not efficiently used. The German SME is focussed on simplifying complex production processes by generating automated insights... more


Inhibition of formation of toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process of polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

A Turkish company, which was established in 2016, developed a method for the hazardous chemicals which are come out during the PET process. The method is useful for inhibiting hazardous chemicals such as acetaldehyde, carboxyl end groups and... more


Ukrainian food company seeks milk drying technology under license or manufacturing agreement

an environmental impact. The enterprise is looking for appropriate technologies owners, business partners for cooperation by license agreement or manufacturing agreement. more


GMP (Good manufacturing practice) production of cell therapy products

The Basque biopharmaceutical SME is an authorized ATMP (advanced therapy medicinal products) manufacturing laboratory for its proprietary cell therapy pipeline as well as for third-party production services. The... more


High safety and customised monocoque camper manufacturing technology and products

The SME has more than 20 year of experience in polymeric composites automotive components manufacturing techniques. The company approach is based on the development of company knowledge and methodologies coming... more


Russian developer of water treatment technologies is looking for manufacturing orders

technologies in existing wastewater treatment plants. As part of the manufacturing agreement, we need partners (industrial enterprises) who have water in circulation and need purification technologies. more


Catalyst material for fuel cells and electrolyzers, and its manufacturing process

For broad applications of fuel cells and electrolyzers as regenerative energy storage and conversion systems, the catalysis of oxygen-based reactions is decisive. A possible long-term application requires the catalysis of the oxygen evolution... more


A Portuguese technological research centre offers its Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) – manufacturing technology for metal components

. They are looking for partners to establish: • a manufacturing agreement: they have developed the MIM technology and want to have it manufactured in their facilities. • and/ or joint venture agreement - jointly... more


A Korean company specializes in developing and manufacturing Developer Recycle System and Developer Control System is looking for suppliers for module-type pumps with filter for the systems under manufacturing agreement.

1. Brief introduction of the company A Korean company started its main field of business in full-length control in the field of manufacturing semiconductors and LCD equipment in 2005. With steady growth since establishment,... more

South Korea

A Portuguese technological research centre offers its Ceramic Injection Moulding – Manufacturing technology for advanced ceramic components

transfer. They are looking for cooperation under a manufacturing and/or joint venture and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance. more


A clean energy company with materials for energy generation and storage offers collaboration opportunities in manufacturing, research and development.

A Greek company with 20 years of experience in materials research develops materials and components for clean energy applications in transportation, generation, storage. It also manufactures and commercializes electrodes, membranes & membrane... more


Contract manufacturing sought for processing food industry side-stream in large-scale batch reactors to produce prebiotic ingredients

A spin-off of a Swiss technical university developed a catalytic technology to process food industry side-streams like agricultural/food biomass to produce prebiotic ingredients which are certified under GMP+ (Good Manufacturing... more


Spanish biotech company is looking for a molecular in vitro diagnostics kits under manufacturing, commercial or technical agreement

prospective clinical study. Next step is manufacturing and commercialization of the diagnosis test. The test is based on the determination of molecular biomarkers (combination of miRNAs and proteins in a predictive... more


Cold end gas condenser design and manufacturing for combustion fumes heat recovery in waste-to-energy plants.

track background in the designing and putting into operation of cold end gas condensers for energy plants. Since internal ceramic coating in tubes is key to protect them against corrosion, the Basque SME now requires manufacturing... more


Biomedical company developing new formalin-free fixative is looking for manufacturing partners

countries can be interested. As the spin-off is currently producing small quantities of products at its premises, the scaling up will require establishing partnerships with partners having chemical production facilities, under manufacturing more


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