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Production of nanomaterials and coatings for scaffolds and pharma applications in H2020 R&D project proposals

A Spanish non-profit private technological centre has a large trajectory in international cooperation. The centre has coordinated 19 of the total 43 participated European projects from FP4 to Horizon 2020 including LIFE and ECO-Innovation programs.... more


A new pharma candidate that Inhibits the formation of metastases

This UK University has been researching new ways to slow the spread of tumorous cancers. There has been significant past research to confirm that the spread of cancer through metastasis formation is a major cause of death. Malignant cancer... more

United Kingdom

High efficiency patented fermentation technology allowing biotech production for food, feed, pharma, agro-active ingredient sectors

manufacturing sectors, such as food, feed, biotech, pharma, agro-active ingredient productions. The technology is particularly useful to get fungi viable spores in large quantity, yeast viable cells in dry granules... more


UK company are seeking a partner to develop a user-friendly platform for their existing chronic disease predictive model

enabling it to be licensed to other users. Currently, each project is bespoke with the UK company having to collate the data which is obtained by the pharma/healthcare company and then the UK company has to input... more

United Kingdom

Small molecule hit and lead compounds for most indications

An international chemistry contract research organisation has built an extensive skillset in synthetic and medicinal chemistry. At the same time, they have built a good customer base in the Pharma industry. The... more

United Kingdom

Analytical chemistry consultancy and technology transfer to improve and streamline drug discovery

product-based discovery. With over 30 years of experience working for Pharma and Biotech companies globally, the team has a deep insight into different companies' practices, technologies and cultures. This can... more

United Kingdom

H2020-EIC-FTI-2018-2020 - Companies interested in a high efficiency fermentation technology demonstration are sought by an Italian biotech&engineering company

dynamic solid state fermentation bioreactor and technology can be a solution fitting for many manufacturing sectors, such as food, feed, biotech, pharma, agro-active ingredient (AI) or final products as well.... more


High-performance liquid chromatography device for high-volume samples analysis

with pharma companies and scientists are chemists with long term experience in High-performance liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS). Fluidic device allows high sample volume injection in HPLC systems... more


Method to produce enzymes

research center is looking to establish license, research cooperation or technical cooperation agreements with industrial partners, mainly from the Biotech and the Pharma sectors, for entering into preclinical... more


Dutch SME offers cooperation and technology for production improvement of biopharmaceutical proteins and cell line development

their development. The technology is licensed to pharma companies. The technology is patented, generally applicable (cell types, selection markers, expressed proteins), awarded and commercialized by licensing... more


H2020-MSCA-IF-EF-SE: Transcriptomic and metabolomic expert scientist (PhD) or researcher with several years of experience in omics discipline related to fermentation process

production of APIs that require high containment as well as fermentation-origin APIs. The multipurpose fermentation suite allows the company to develop several production processes to obtain API for the Pharma... more


A German SME offers costumized mobile healthcare apps

The German SME develops customized mobile healthcare apps within a multidisciplinary team of developers, designers, and regulatory experts. The company supports medtech/pharma companies and medical centres by building... more


Development and manufacture of viral vectors for genetic vaccines and advanced therapies

viral vector-based medicinal products. The SME is seeking for research and technical cooperation agreements with primary pharma or biotech companies that need dedicated and specialized collaboration for gene therapy... more


Scaling up of fermentation processes

interested in manufacturing and financial agreement with companies, R&D institutions and academia of sectors as health, pharma, cosmetics, agriculture and food industry with interest in scaling up or optimizing... more


Fluorescent biosensors for multiplexing G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) functional assays

looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a licensing agreement with pharma or biotech companies, research centres or government institutions interested in accelerating and improving their... more


Protein nano- or microparticles as artificial inclusion bodies for drug delivery

microparticles penetrate into cells, thus they can be used as a protein delivery system. The Spanish research center is looking to establish license, research cooperation, or joint venture agreements with industrial partners from the biotech... more


Italian University is offering the construction of stable mammalian cell lines hyper-producing recombinant proteins to pharmaceutical companies, universities and research centres

innovative application and research and development solution on recombinant protein and service agreement addressed to pharma companies needing recombinant proteins in mammalian cells in culture to produce specific... more


Development of novel class of compounds for eye delivery to stop neurodegeneration in glaucoma

pharma industries specialized in biopolymers and/or surface chemistry are sought to contribute to develop and improve drug formulation and delivery solutions into the eye. The idea is to attach the compounds to... more


Micro fluidic system for simulating in vivo-equivalent cell barriers

The German university is specialised in micro fluidic systems and carries out applied research in biological barrier systems. In vivo like models are very important in the field of pharma- and medical research.... more


Methodologies for antiviral efficacy and toxicity of drugs against new Covid-19

contact other pharma companies that might be interested in such a know how, through commercial agreements with technical assistance (strong background of the research team can give specific technical advice). Company... more


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