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Robotic ankle for research.

developed a robotic ankle that has been specially designed to fit the researcher's needs in the fields of rehabilitation, biomedicine and sports. This technology allows controlling the quantity of movement and... more


Polish research institute of robotics and automation offers robotic palletizing technology for challenging conditions

Robotic palletizing positions have a lot of advantages. A polish reserach insitute offers greater opportunities compared with other automation systems. Robot is very flexible machine that can be used for a variety... more


German SME is looking for smart kitchen appliances for a robotic cooking kiosk

A German SME is currently working on the prototype of the world's first robot cooking kiosk for system catering, which prepares pasta dishes independently. Industrial production of the kiosk is scheduled to begin at the end of 2020. Numerous... more


Established Slovak technological company is offering hemming head cleaning device suitable for use in automotive industry and robotic applications

control systems. Lastly, they have developed a process and also the device for cleaning of dirty hemming rollers in automobile industry and robotic applications. Roller hemming is a widely used process in which... more


London-based company offers their advanced robotic hand technology to a wide range of industries

The London-based company was established in 1997 by a group of independent robotics researchers. They are now a company of 37 engineers focusing on the development of the most advanced robotic hands available in... more

United Kingdom

Polish research institute offers custom made industrial robots is looking for the commercial agreement with technical assistance

The robotic industry has a lot of advantages. A polish research institute offers greater opportunities compared with other robotic and automation systems. The robot is a very flexible... more


Latvian horticulture vocational high school is looking for technologies for diagnostics of plant diseases by hyperspectral imaging

More and more sophisticated technologies and automation are applied to horticultural field. A horticulture vocational high school from Latvia is presently working on innovative horticulture project - development of the autonomous robotic... more


A Polish company developing industrial grade software for distributed robotic observatories is looking for service agreements and R&D cooperation in the renewable energy market

A Polish developer of IT solutions ranging from scheduling, operation of distributed networks of robotic sensors, through data acquisition, storage, analysis and reporting is looking for new partners and business... more


High tech microrobotic systems and automation of precision assembly for high speed production : partner sought in micro-electronics industry (MEMs, microsystems) and photonics for technical ccoperation

The company has developed different robotic systems able to assemble a full range of very small components from 5 µm to 3 mm with a large set of materials : silicon, glass, metal, polymer... In precision industry,... more


Neuro-rehabilitation robot services

tool developed falls within the scientific field called "robotic neurorehabilitation" and is based on the integrated application of a broad spectrum of technologies for motion control and force control: advanced... more


Seeking collaboration with European companies in autonomous forklift design and development

, specialised capabilities and innovation activities based here. The Singapore SME has near 20 years of experience in the industry, supplying and servicing these companies with its end-to-end robotic Industrial... more


Dual phase spray technology to develop pharmaceutical products delivering drag for tissue regeneration and to produce biocompatible polymeric 3D products

The applicant is an Engineering Italian company founded in 1991 as University spin off. Company is skilled to design and develop mechatronics products and robotic systems for industrial customers and as partner... more


Portuguese SME offers and develops innovative technologies for medical robotics applications. Commercial agreement with technical assistance and services agreements are sought.

location, and the system allows the healthcare professional to perform the examination on his patient using telemanipulation with live haptic feedback. The team has strong knowledge of telemedicine, robotic control,... more


Passive hexapod positioner with innovative preloaded joints for accurate reconfigurable positioning of fixtures or jigs

example, where motion in 6 degrees of freedom is needed for a freely-suspended body to move, e.g. in robotic assembly, welding and manufacturing. Such competitive hexapod platforms lack suficient accuracy and... more


Innovative technologies for medical devices

devices • Robotic manipulation • Real-time force feedback • Using telemedicine for remote exams - Big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence (algorithms for data analysis) - Virtual and augmented... more


Portuguese SME offers and develops innovative technologies for medical devices. Commercial agency agreement with technical assistance or services agreement are sought.

devices • Robotic manipulation • Real-time force feedback • Remote exams - Big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence (algorithms for data analysis) - Virtual and augmented reality (VR solutions... more


Italian company specialized in precision technologies, robotics and mechatronics, seeks commercial agreements with technical assistance

unique and well known brand. Amoung the supplies: 1. assembly machines and lines: manual station,robotic station, station with collaborative robots, rotary indexing tables. 2. Test machines which integrate cutting-edge... more


Test innovative technologies for senior citizens in a Swiss network of private homes and care institutions

easy-to-use digital technologies and services, as well as more complex robotic solutions. The tests are carried out in private homes, assisted living facilities, old people’s homes and nursing homes. Their testing... more


Intelligent system for autonomous control in robotics cooperation

Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), to carry out a large-scale exploration with a high level of autonomy. Over the last decade, there has been a strong scientific and industrial concern in robotic... more


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