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Biosensors for food safety and quality control

internationalization. Control of food quality and safety is essential to guarantee consumers' protection and comply with the current European legislation. In the agrofood industry there is a growing need to develop... more


Reporting tool for aviation safety occurrences

Aviation organizations are mandated to report specified safety occurrences from everyday operations. The reporting scheme in EU defines format of the data to be provided, in essence based on the International Civil... more


Decision support and risk analysis system to improve road safety

-dimensional evaluation systems for people with disabilities etc… The company has developed a technology to address the problem of the road safety, one of the main objectives on the agenda of the European Commission.... more


High safety and customised monocoque camper manufacturing technology and products

The SME has more than 20 year of experience in polymeric composites automotive components manufacturing techniques. The company approach is based on the development of company knowledge and methodologies coming from many years of experience... more


An improved challenge test for food products safety

performing the test evaluating their behaviour during the process, ensuring the product meet regulatory mandates and/or established finished product specifications. Companies working in food sector and interested to check and monitor food more


A French SME offers a software technology which strongly isolates safety and non-safety critical applications to be executed in a same hardware platform

The company is a French fully independent and private software SME created and operating since January 2011, with a workforce of 20 employees. It has an important set of skills in low level programming (boot loaders, firmware, assembly and C... more


Grapevine genome of cultivars sequencing system for wine production concerning quality and safety

quality and safety. In order to significantly improve the achievement of these objectives and to gain biological knowledge about cultivars, a genomic approach is the most reliable strategy. The recent grapevine... more


In vitro safety and efficacy tests for the characterization of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and other compounds.

expertise in conducting in vitro safety (cytotoxicity, mutagenicity and genotoxicity) and efficacy (antibiotic, antifungal, antiparasitic, antitumoral, etc) tests using eukaryotic mammalian and parasitic (as Leishmania... more


Innovative IoT technology (hardware and software) for remote patient monitoring and public safety.

forwarded to the emergency call center (Public Safety Answering Point). The system integrates latest technologies of deep learning (AI), machine learning and data analytics. The value of the system lies in its... more


UK company is looking for partners to test and validate its supply chain assurance and food safety software platform

enable reduced waste and improved safety across the supply chain thus improving sustainability of food supplies. The company's solution is a software that will provide security and transparency by enabling assurance... more

United Kingdom

Offering advanced Platinum thin-film temperature sensor elements for highly-accurate and reliable temperature measurement in automotive, energy, safety, building, life science and home applications.

, safety engineering, medical engineering/life sciences, home appliances/white goods. The company is looking for industrial companies with interest in customized applications and distributions of highly-accurate... more


Highly durable rubber safety profiles for rail-based traffic systems such as tram lines which make cycling safer in inner cities by closing gaps to prevent bike accidents

A German company specialized in manufacturing of rubber-based extrusion products has developed new rubber safety profiles for rail-based traffic systems. As similar and comparable solutions for tram lines are currently... more


H2020 MG-2-12-2020: Improving road safety by monitoring effectively working patterns and overall fitness of drivers. Partners are sought for testing activities and validation of human machine interfaces in cars or trucks.

new tools for their own safety. There are no requirements in type or size. Easter country entities are welcome. Funding programme: MG-2-12-2020: Improving road safety by monitoring... more


Novel highly durable rubber safety profiles for rail-based traffic systems such as tram lines which make cycling safer in inner cities by closing gaps to prevent bike accidents

contributes to accident prevention involving cyclists or pedestrians and thus ensures the health and safety of citizens. As a consequence, the overall acceptance of rail-dependent local public transport services... more


Platform to evaluate the efficacy of skin care and personal care products

The Singapore-based SME has developed the technology platform that helps in designing and conducting efficacy studies; it helps in providing scientific clinical data to validate safety and product claims in labelling.... more


Multicomponent nanoparticles for cell transfection and selection

relatively high with viral vectors compared to non-viral methods, however, the major advantage of using non-viral vectors is its bio-safety. Non-viral vectors have drawn significant attention due to its less immunotoxicity.... more


Greek organisation that provides certification services seeks innovative technologies in the fields of environment, bioplastics, food and sustainability.

The Greek organisation is a subsidiary of an international organisation which has a long-standing experience in the provision of integrated audit, inspection and certification services for security, safety, quality,... more


Smart autopilot technology for vessels sought by leading Dutch maritime company

The responsibilities of navigators on-board of vessels are continuously expanding. Next to navigation the responsibilities of handling safety of people on board and administration have been increasingly time consuming.... more


Identification and localization of faults in interlock systems.

to the stoppage of machines. A German university developed an interlock system that uses time domain reflectometry (TDR) methods to identify and locate faults in the safety circuit. By using appropriate waveforms,... more


Leakage sensitivity controller for the prevention of electrocution with plug-n-play use

installation, in compliance with the global safety standards governing the electrical installations. The use of this invention is to prevent the current from passing through a person’s body thus protecting his/her... more


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