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Satellite service for structural monitoring

increase the use of the satellite data into consolidated monitoring procedure. In particular, the specific absorption rate (SAR) differential interferometry (DInSAR) has been fully exploited to configure reliable... more


Calculation and satellite imagery tools for crop production management

The SME, a spin-off from a primary University and devoted to the technological transfer in agriculture, is developing innovative tools for resource management in agriculture using satellite data. The improvement... more


Motion and navigation open platform for the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) of things

, software, etc. In this context, a Spanish company specialized in satellite navigation technologies, has developed a compact integrated motion and navigation electronic device designed for open-source programming... more


Environmental Satellite data exploitation in real time and fully automated manner for precision viticulture

combining satellite data with other data sources (ground-based sensors, manned and unmanned aircraft) and by including them in spatial data infrastructure (SDI) based also on machine learning approach. The end... more


Simple and affordable space missions

Launching a satellite into space is highly complex, expensive and time-consuming. To make matters more complicated, satellite industry providers are generally divided between a subsystem... more

United Kingdom

Italian company offers its European Aviation service providing pilots with additional weather data carried out in real time, during Ultralight and General Aviation flight

The company founded in 2014 and headquartered in Rome, ltaly, is an innovative start-up composed of a multidisciplinary team of engineers dedicated to satellite meteorological data processing & transmission, meteorological... more


Earth observation system for farmers

different services for crop and agro-fields data management and analysis, integrated with satellite based information into a GIS like environment: • Earth Observation satellite value... more


High reliability sun sensors for space and terrestrial applications that can be cost effectively produced in larger quantities

detector outputs to a satellite control subsystem, called Attitude & Orbit Control System (AOCS). This approach enables the AOCS to derive solar aspect angles needed to know how to de-spin the satellite... more


A Turkish inventor offers an object based segmentation method to determine the borders and outlines of object and to define the object as a whole instead of just a pixel

This invention is a way of fast satellite image evaluation. It is related to a method that enables object based segmentation of especially air/satellite photographs that are viewed... more


Italian software development company, focused on Earth observation, is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance

Multisatellite Swath Planner application) is a standard in the industry. It is a standalone application for quickly planning Earth observation Satellite sensing operations over selected Areas of Interest (AOI).... more


New Vehicle tracking solution digitizing workflows

GNSS (global navigation satellite systems) are used. Relevant information is displayed then via internet or special software. Various solutions are available. The challenge is to provide accurate data in real... more


[EUREKA/Eurostars2]Seeking partners to cooperate Tracking of Route Technology

The Korean company is looking for partners to collaborate on EUREKA/Eurostars2 project proposal.The company produces satellite network antenna by developing and manufacturing wireless network devices. Technology... more

South Korea

Image processing algorithms for onboard optical Earth Observation (EO) satellites

acquisition and storage, the main data processing algorithms that have been heavily developed and deployed in satellite platforms are those that focusing on lossless compression of images. The aim is to address... more


Integrated smart road system of autonomous e-mobility for metropolitan city

, such as a chairlift, which is the direct suspension from the ground, with departure and arrival stations, to which individual electric vehicles are hooked for extra-urban transfers between cities and satellite... more


Novel systems and methods for the improvement of turbo codes

ICT sector. More specifically, companies of wireless communication systems, that also use modern cellular standards (UMTS, HSPA, LTE, WiMAX), satellite communications systems, underwater communications, optical... more


Knowledge, expertise and facilities in transport and logistics offered as an end-user of technologies in related projects

hired, increasing the transport efficiency. The drivers and vehicles are communicated with different technologies, such as mobile, GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), GPS/GLONASS (Global Positioning System/Global Navigation Satellite more


A Korean SME is looking for a partner company in the video contribution and distribution infrastructure field for commercial agreement and R&D cooperation

terrestrial, satellite and IP network and ultra high density media cloud platform. It also has developed and supplied All-IP monitoring systems for mobile and IPTV broadband services. The company would like... more

South Korea

Integrated system of autonomous e-mobility for urban/extra-urban cycle smart city

integrated with various devices that interface with a remote management and control center, which allows autonomous driving in maximum safety, as it is not managed by satellite geo-location, and the speeding of... more


Test & validation equipment for aerospace sector

simulation, validation & monitoring of a wide range of satellite/spacecraft on-board communication protocols and data networks. The variety of features makes it suitable for use in many different areas. The platform... more


Wet bench technology for chemical processing in microelectronics, solar and biomedical industry

Since all things electronic in our modern world are founded on semiconductor integrated circuit technology, the satellite businesses or support services have arisen and thrived around the precise science of manufacturing... more


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