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[EUROSTARS2] A Korean IT security company is looking for R&D partner in developing the next-generation intelligent security gateway and cloud-based integrated security information analysis system based on edge computing for IoT system security

This Korean IT company was founded in 2006 to support IT security business firms that are trying to obtain IT security evaluation and certification on the basis of the Common Criteria(CC),... more

South Korea

Compliant Kubernetes - a security and compliance focused container platform for European regulated industries

controls like Critical Security Controls (CIS) or Service Organization Control 2 (SOC2). Handling sensitive user data and adhering to regulations like GDPR, ISO-27001 or PCI-DSS can be hard in a dynamic, container-based... more


Looking for a consortium for Security - Human factors SU-DRS01-2018-2019-2020

societal challenges. They are currently looking to participate in a Security project with their expertise in gender and the role of women in post-conflict areas. Through a network of partners with ties to women... more


H2020 - SU-ICT-02-2020 Cyber security : a French SME expert in the IoT sector is searching for a consortium

offers a more secure and quicker transition towards IoT business and connectivity. Thanks to strong internal expertise in electronics & software, it can be your partner to tackle a new IoT Business. By following the security... more


Lithuanian start-up is offering next-gen cyber security solution protecting from both known and unknown malware

it focuses on low-spread threats that big players overlook. The software engine can be integrated in corporate cyber security solutions and therefore technical cooperation agreement with a partner is sought. more


Slovak company is offering technology for security of voice communication via commercial agreement with technical assistance or via joint venture agreement

A Slovak technological company specialised in the area of communication security has developed patented technology in the field of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) communication security.... more


UK-based SME offers its expertise in textiles and headwear manufacture to companies looking to incorporate technological devices and sensors into textile products

to aid diagnoses and promote wellbeing in healthcare and sports, and in providing intelligent textiles solutions for personal protective equipment and security. The materials and devices used for this therefore... more

United Kingdom

Italian SME leader in the x-ray and ultrasounds technology sector is looking for partners with know-how in the field of artificial intelligence aimed to detect in automatic mode defects in mechanical parts under a technology cooperation agreement

, security and non-destructive testing (NDT). Scientific base and continuous development have always been at the base of the company’s vision. The radiology market for medical, security... more


Secure communication for emergency responders

Authorities and organzisations with security tasks require wireless communication systems that guarantee a particularly high degree of reliability against unauthorized interception or even manipulation of transmitted... more


Russian company specialized in neural networks is looking for international partners for technological cooperation

. The technology allows you to analyze the data and make predictions. Some of the analogs include international frameworks developed by transnational companies. Applications: the public sector (voting, access control system, security... more


Greek organisation that provides certification services seeks innovative technologies in the fields of environment, bioplastics, food and sustainability.

The Greek organisation is a subsidiary of an international organisation which has a long-standing experience in the provision of integrated audit, inspection and certification services for security, safety, quality,... more


Innovative software technology for law enforcement and decision making in traffic management

A software development company from B&H founded in 2013 is specialized for customized, complex business solutions development based on Microsoft .NET technologies. It currently employs 17 experts working mainly with security... more

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Efficient sensing techniques for Smart City applications

Sensing is the pillar of most of the services that citizen demands from a smart city: health care, urban transport, education, energy consumption, security, environment, etc. The area to be covered requires wireless... more


Development of custom remote industrial monitoring and control solutions for infrastructure, factories, plants and industrial sites offered for commercial partnerships

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), stemming from its long-term air navigation and airport industry pedigree. 3. Security The SME implements next-generation security control for... more


Italian ICT company offers advanced system for the exploitation of Eumetcast data able to monitor up to 50 environmental variables.

information up to 50 different environmental variables. Variables monitored include topography, land, wind, cloud, surface classification, radiation, sea ocean, precipitation, security. The company is looking... more


Mobile forensic device for instant detection of drugs and explosives offered under commercial agreement

The UK SME has been providing forensic analytical services for over 20 years and is at the forefront of innovative research and development through continued innovative use of mass spectrometry in forensics and security... more

United Kingdom

Artificial intelligence-based hardware biometric authentication system

The Singapore SME's biometric security solution relies on AI chips and related hardware solutions to identify and store secure vector information on cloud or local storage, all the while keeping the inference identity... more


Maintenance management software, integrated with warehouse management to minimize logistics costs through predictive analysis

reports of the Flight Security, to submit them to authorization process and to forward them to the maintenance area for the needed technical investigations. Every single member of the crew can take view of the... more


French company offers open and interoperable Internet of Things (IoT) platforms

innovative algorithms. Its solutions has applications in smart city, transportation, industry, energy, security and health markets. The company provides two Internet of Things platforms available in SaaS mode... more


X-ray based screening technology to identify unknown materials like crystalline, amorphous and liquid materials behind thick barriers.

principles have been developed for various application fields like corrosion detection, security, defence applications and testing of new composites and other materials. Application sectors for which the new... more


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