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EUREKA - Intelligent Enterprise Manager software: Looking for project partner to develop financial software

Entrepreneurship center is founded in Croatia, Split with the primary goal to develop educational services and innovative tools which will facilitate the management of different organizations contributing to the economic and sustainable development... more


Cloud-based software for livestock farm management

The Romanian software company located in Transylvania, with over 8 years of experience in the field of software development, is specialized in business to business and business to... more


Crisis management software solutions for forest fire

development of GIS software for operational forest fire behaviour simulation, the establishment of fire prevention measures, vegetation fuel mapping, forest fire risk assessment, response actions and training... more


Integrated Water Resource Management: from software to policies

The software suite is a powerful holistic water management tool assisting water management stakeholders, industries and researchers in the establishment of pressure / impact relationships and in handling complexes... more


Customisable software solution for legionella/water hygiene compliance

impossible, to analyse the data into any meaningful information, such as basic trend reports. Where operators recognise the requirement for a software solution to record the outcome of works activity or hazards... more

United Kingdom

Software platform and app for services to people with disabilities

Daily life of people with disabilities needs several kinds of assistance, from common activities to complex actions. An Italian company specialised in digital services and in developing ICT products, has developed a new solution thought to... more


Data source independent visualisation software of big data (spatio-temporal)

computer science has developed a software solution to visualise and operate big data sets (spatio-temporal) with applications in the field of land/environmental surveying. Spatio-temporal data contains both space... more


Software infrastructure and instructional design skills for e-learning

LMS (Learning Management System) and a mobile application. - Software Infrastructure: The suite was initially designed to facilitate the social inclusion of citizens and funded by EU FI-WARE / FI-ADOPT program,... more


Seeking predictive software solutions in engine fault code sequencing

A majority of the aircraft ramp turn back cases are due to engine faults. These faults are flagged out to the ground engineers in the form of fault codes in the maintenance messages coming from the aircraft condition monitoring system reports... more


Software for creative digital solutions and serious games for healthcare, research and education

The company is offering innovative software and serious game development, aimed at tackling important scientific and expert questions, or issues concerning the well-being of various population groups in society.... more


Italian software development company, focused on Earth observation, is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance

Since 2004 the Italian company is a software development company specializing in advanced mission analysis, planning and simulation tools for space applications, with particular focus in Earth Observation. The... more


Automatic gas detection system and alert software for smart industrial monitoring through infrared cameras

detection system and alert software for 24/7 smart industrial monitoring. It is based on different infrared cameras developed by the company for the detection of the different threats or risks. It translates the... more


Software for virtual design and optimization of Organic Electronics (OE) material and devices

and costly trial-and-error approaches. The SME facilitates the virtual design and computer aided optimization of organic electronic (OE) materials and devices by providing adjustable, easy-to-use software for... more


New software tools and products sought for database developers and administrators

An East of England company is enjoying steady growth in the market of software professionals working on the Microsoft data platform. They have a strong US presence, selling to the majority of Fortune 100 companies.... more

United Kingdom

A South Korea’s software company is offering specialized ICT applied services to companies interested in developing innovative and unique software application for solving problems in information, data processing and management

A Korean IT company that was founded in 2007 has the highest market share for citizen service software in South Korea. The company has 4 main business areas namely, 1) software development... more

South Korea

A Turkish company is looking for partnerships with companies who are in need of Android / iOS software apps or audio related software developers in need of improved audio algorithms.

response method, the company has reached the most realistic guitar tones in the mobile market. Plus, the users can share their tones and interact with other users by following dynamics and likes. The company provides software... more


Innovative Serbian software solution for complex optimization problems as an internet service

A small Serbian R&D company was established as a spin-off company from University of Kragujevac, which through an academic-business cooperation developed this innovative software solution. Three members of the... more


Set of software components for the supervision and monitoring of industrial, energy and smart processes

A Spanish company has developed a set of software components that allows the supervision and monitoring of industrial, energy and smart processes. It integrates all available information sources, processes that... more


Maintenance management software, integrated with warehouse management to minimize logistics costs through predictive analysis

This Italian company, located in Latium Region and working in aeronautic field since 2011, has developed an applicative software for the technical, logistic and operative management of the aircrafts, based on modern... more


A Software Development Kit for personalized mood recognition through video analysis of facial expressions

Facial expression recognition has been widely applied in the field of psychology, video games, health, learning and man-machine interactions in general, being a very active research area. The concepts of "mood" and "emotion" are often confused... more


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