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Smart thermostat for wet heating systems with load/weather compensation and wifi connectivity.

A Greek company, SME Instrument Phase I beneficiary, has developed a smart thermostat optimized for wet heating systems with hot water radiators. Today the majority of thermostats used for heating operate in programmed time intervals and are... more


Cognitive Hotspot Technology

sense their environment, to exchange information with neighbouring APs and to cooperate between them to ensure an efficient use of wireless resources. This technology brings distributed intelligence to any WiFi... more


Making sensors and devices IoT (Internet of Things) ready, in a way that is both user-friendly and manufacturer-friendly

but in practice, the user has to have another hub installed, or find an additional power source, or buy some subscription. The new platform makes use of what most homes (and workplaces) already have: smartphones and local WiFi.... more

United Kingdom

Open architecture exoskeleton.

Area Network) communication • Wifi • Bluetooth -Sensors: • Joint position. • Joint interaction torque. • Foot/ground contact (heel and toe). -Actuators: • 6 Degrees of freedom in the sagittal plane. • 6 motors... more


An hybrid geomagnetic indoor localization solution under license and commercial agreements with technical assistance

of expensive infrastructure installation. It also works offline requiring minimal computational power. It can integrate any other available signal (WiFI signals and bluetooth beacons) to deliver the maximum system... more


Electronic product design and development for new applications

verification with in-house testing fixtures, jigs and software. They are interested to make contact with partners who need an experienced developer in using following technologies: Long Range (LoRa) Wireless, Wireless Fidelity (WiFi),... more


Patented TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) technology for internet traffic optimization

adapts itself to different network conditions thanks to its self-tuning learning algorithm, but is especially suited whenever wireless links are present (WiFi, LTE, 3G, WiMax...), where it performs better than... more


Quality of Service in IT networks for points of sale

network isolation and appropriate routing. This ensures that data are shared only by the parties concerned, tailored to the data privacy requirements. The French firm can also provide end-to-end connectivity including WiFi... more


Gas detection system for the 4.0 industry based on infrared camera and sniffer.

: human interface (touchable screen) -Data acquisition from camera -The camera is customized depending on the gases to be detected. -Data communications (Bluetooth and Wifi) -Interchangeable lenses on demand... more


Virtual Reality-based and collaborative cognitive remediation solution

Virtual Reality helmets and requires 2 connected computers (wifi or wired network or the Internet) to execute the two applications (Therapist and Patient). The therapist's station executes the "Therapist application"... more


Technology for dynamic power consumption monitoring and data acquisition for production processes management

fibre cable (high data transfer ratio, immunity to EMI (electromagnetic interference) disturbances) or wireless communications – WiFi (data acquisition time is less critical) digital signal is sent to communication... more


An intelligent metering device for predicting the output of photovoltaic systems

placement of real PV panels. The data logger/transmitter is a control board with built in WiFi/GSM functionalities. The software consists of an output prediction models and web-based interface. The installation... more

Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of

Greek SME offering high precision and affordable flying information devices for avionics, working on tablets and smart phones is looking for companies with flight equipment, pilot supplies and manufacturers of light aircrafts or drones

models come in two versions, the first connects to the tablet via Wi-Fi and the second which connects to the tablet both via WiFi and a special USB cable. The third product is a system, comprising of a device,... more


A Korean software company expert in IoT (Internet of Things) device and back-end services offers geo-locating solution in an indoor environment under a commercial agreement with technical assistance and license agreement

large amount of data which are collected through particular devices (scanners) and securely transported by existing networks infrastructure (LAN, Wifi, LTE) to reduce deployment costs. Their mission is to offer... more

South Korea

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