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Have your say on a more modern rulebook for digital services

Written by Narinder Williams on 19 June 2020

The European Commission is looking for your feedback to help them propose new and revised rules for digital services and online platforms in the EU

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The current European regulatory framework for digital services - such as online platforms, messaging and cloud services - dates back twenty years and needs to be updated.  However, in revising the rules, the Commission is keen to make sure that a balance is struck between the opportunity for businesses to innovate, protection of the freedom of expression and making sure the internet is safe.


It is therefore welcoming feedback from companies and organisations on these issues, to help it prepare a new Digital Services Act.  The consultation covers six themes and you can comment on any of all of these.  They include keeping users safe online, the gatekeeper power of digital platforms and the challenges for the self-employed when using online platforms. 


If you would like to find out more, or take part in this consultation, please contact our enquiry line on 0300 123 3144 or email contact@enterprise-europe.co.uk


This consultation closes: 8 September 2020