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Have your say on offshore renewable energy

Written by Narinder Williams on 27 July 2020

Its not too late to share your views on the future of the EUs Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy, which is due to be adopted later this year.

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We want to hear from the public and businesses as well as policy makers or investors in offshore renewable energy!



The aim of this strategy is to be sustainable, effective, inclusive and ambitious as possible.


What barriers do you face? Would you like to share your suggestions or any practice ideas?


The EU are claiming the strategy could help to create jobs and boost investments as more new technologies are being deployed across the EU.


Its hoped that by enhancing domestic energy production more affordable energy could be provided, further boosting Europe's resilience and security of supply.


Are you working on a offshore renewable project?


Do you feel there is enough public information and engagement at EU and local level?


Are you involved in the blue economy?


Do you work in research and innovation of innovative technologies that are critical to offshore renewable energy?



Also, if you want to pass on any additional written feedback, you are able to attach this by uploading a document at the end of the questionnaire.


If you would like to find out more, or take part in this consultation, please contact our enquiry line on 0300 123 3144 or email contact@enterprise-europe.co.uk


This consultation closes: 24th September 2020