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Have your say on the revision of the Machinery Directive

Written by Narinder Williams on 16 July 2019

The Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) is the core European legislation regulating products of the mechanical engineering industries.

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The Machinery Directive aims at ensuring a high level of safety and protection for machinery users /other exposed persons, as well as the free movement of machinery in the internal market.  Compliant machinery has to carry the CE mark.



An evaluation completed in 2018 identified the need for greater legal clarity of some of its provisions and better coherence with other legislation. Additionally, it found that some of the administrative requirements could be simplified and improvements could be made in the monitoring and enforcement of the Directive.



The Commission is following up on the findings of the evaluation and will analyse the impacts of possible areas for improvement and implications through an impact assessment. This questionnaire is one of the contributors to this task.



To take part and share your comments, please use this link: https://surveys.bradford.gov.uk/snapwebhost/s.asp?k=156268458781​​​​​​​



This survey closes 30th August 2019