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How to win grant funding for international collaboration

Written by Kelly Hunter on 4 December 2018

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Open to all sectors, light touch in its processes, a route to international partners and puts SMEs in the driving seat. You could be a Eurostar.

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An innovative, R&D-intensive SME can’t do everything on its own. It needs business partners - whether to access skills and expertise, to collaborate beyond national borders, to share the risks of product development, or to operate globally. The EUREKA Eurostars programme helps such R&D-performing companies in a direct and simple way - by grant funding international business collaboration projects in research and innovation.


A joint programme between EUREKA and the European Commission that is co-funded from the national budgets of 36 partner countries and the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, Eurostars is market orientated - it truly puts the SME in the driving seat.


In 2019, there will be a greater focus on the potential of the Eurostars programme in the UK, as we take on the chairmanship of EUREKA network. The UK committed £5m to supporting UK businesses in Eurostars projects in 2018 and a further £5m is available for 2019.


There are plenty of good reasons to learn more about the programme: it is open to all sectors; it provides grant funding of 60% of the eligible costs of a project; and, because it is an SME-drive programme, the application, evaluation and monitoring processes are designed to be relatively ‘light touch.’


For an SME with an innovative, disruptive project that is on the way to commercialisation but requires international collaboration to take it forward, winning a Eurostars grant could be the significant accelerator.


Every six months there is an open call for applications - the next two will be in February and September 2019. So EEN, in partnership with Innovate UK, is organising a EUREKA Eurostars Funding National Info Day, on 13 December at IET Birmingham. This free half-day information and networking event will introduce the Eurostars programme and other funding opportunities delivered via other EUREKA Network programmes.


Join the event to discover how UK businesses have benefited from EUREKA programme, access the latest information on project eligibility and application process, and get expert advice on how to develop value propositions and succeed with a strong proposal. You can register here for the EUREKA Eurostars Funding National Info Day.