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UK and Spain: the perfect collaboration

Written by Miriam Newman-Tancredi on 17 April 2018

Did you know that Spain is the country that the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in the UK most works with?

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UK and Spain; the perfect match

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Everyone loves Spain – the food, the climate, the cities and landscape. But did you know that Spain is also the country that the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in the UK most works with? Thanks to EEN’s introductions, collaborations and partnerships between UK and Spanish companies over the last three years represent just over 10% of the total agreements we facilitated.


A closer relationship


The Spanish government has clearly indicated its intention to develop closer links with the UK. Carmen Vela, the Spanish Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, gave a lecture this month at UCL emphasising that the Spanish government would like to strengthen its bilateral research collaborations with the UK. Universities UK International will be meeting CRUE, the Spanish association of chancellors, this summer in Madrid to identity opportunities for R&D collaboration.


EEN is supporting these ambitions by organising a UK-Spain bilateral event for Nanotechnologies and Advanced Materials in Cambridge in May, making these goals a reality and giving them momentum by bringing together 40 companies from each country. The event will facilitate the establishment of bilateral commercial and technological collaborations and build prospective collaborative R&D project partnerships and collaborations, such as Horizon 2020, between businesses, technology centres and research organisations.


This was carried out for the first time in June last year in Navarra, Spain, and was successful in creating lasting relationships between UK and Spanish businesses that are still in touch today. Attendees had positive feedback and many are returning to this year’s event.


Feedback from the previous UK-Spain event


Here are some of their comments:


I am very grateful for the connections you have made for me, which have resulted in my attendance at some very useful business meetings, the most important of which was of course the mission to Navarra, Spain.”

Dr Roger Wise, Ultrawise Innovation Ltd


“The Navarra company mission has been unexpectedly productive for us. It was an excellent opportunity to identify potential collaboration partners both in Spain and the UK! There are a number of contacts we are now pursuing further. Throughout the process, EEN has been incredibly helpful and accommodating in making this happen!”

Pritesh Hiralal, co-founder and CEO of Zinergy UK Ltd


In March, Spain also had the highest representation of EEN clients meeting UK companies at the B2B matchmaking events organised during Ecobuild and Oceanology International in London, a sign that companies are serious about working together.


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