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Enterprise Europe Network can help you do business in Europe and beyond. Through our network you'll get the specialist support you need.

COVID-19 Help and support for businesses

COVID-19 continues to impact innovative businesses both nationally and internationally, with its effect likely to increase over the coming days and months.

In such uncertain times our network of people can provide information and support to connect businesses with relevant organisations and Government schemes to help them through this period.

Through our global connections we are experts in bringing together businesses to collaborate, and we can help find solutions for the current crisis. Our advisers are also here to identify new opportunities in other sectors and to help businesses respond with agility.

There is a wealth of business support online including:

It isn’t business as usual for anyone, but our teams are ready to focus on helping you to survive and stabilise during this crisis, and to grow and be ready to scale when we come through these extraordinary times. To speak to a specialist EEN adviser in your region please contact us.

Intensive pitch training and investor networking for small and medium businesses.
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Improve the way you manage innovation, commercialise great ideas and grow your business. 
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Grow your business by tracking down long-term finance from the public and private sectors. 
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Take an international view with a network spanning more than 60 countries, including USA, Canada,
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Work with tried-and-tested partners to develop your products or services.
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Build collaborations and partnerships in new markets, accelerating business growth.
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Rapidly expand your business to become world-beating