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Business growth through innovation webinar goes live

Written by Simon Ward on 1 October 2020

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Innovate UK and EEN have just partnered with Allica Bank on a webinar to inspire ambitious SMEs to innovate for business growth

A row of hot air balloons with a rocket surging past them to illustrate how innovation (a rocket) can supercharge your growth as a company

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Our advisors are experts on business growth through innovation. Ambitious SMEs tuned in to a live webinar that we held with Allica Bank recently to hear one of our team talk through all the factors they need to consider. 

Business growth through innovation

Our innovation and growth advisor Andy Taylor talked viewers expertly through what innovation is, why it is important to innovate and the barriers to innovation.

He went on to explain where you can start (clue, with the customer!), to suggest some useful tools and to talk about the role of funding. Towards the end, he presented some case studies of businesses which innovated successfully to grow. Andy rounded the session off by pointing out further resources for SMEs.  

After the presentation Andy was joined by his colleagues to take part in a Q&A with SMEs in the audience.

You can view the webinar here and find more about the Allica Bank webinar series for SMEs here.