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Have your say on EU risk assessment in the food chain

Written by Narinder Williams on 26 January 2018

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​​​​​​​The European Commission is seeking your views on the transparency and sustainability of EU risk assessment in the food chain.

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The General Food Law Regulation (EU rules on food and feed safety along the production chain) is the cornerstone of the EU regulatory framework covering the entire food chain: 'from farm to fork'. The European Food Safety Authority plays an important part, as it is an independent scientific body entrusted with EU risk assessment within the food chain.


Have you experienced any issues relating to the governance of the European Food Safety Authority?


Do you feel there is transparency and independence in the studies undertaken by the Authority?


How effective are the current risk communication methods?


Do you feel engaged with the EU risk assessment system?


To take part in this consultation or for further information please contact our ‘enquiry line’ on 0300 123 3144 or e-mail contact@enterprise-europe.co.uk


Consultation closes: 20th March 2018