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Day two: Collaborate to compete

Written by Gabriella Cox on 30 January 2018

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The message delegates were hearing at Cybertech Tel Aviv today is very much in keeping with EEN's focus of building networks through collaboration.

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Queueing for Cybertech 2018

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(Following on from Day one - UK cyber tech group visit to Israel)


Cutting right to the heart of Innovate UK's 'Connect Strategy', which aims to help businesses connect with the right support, funding and opportunities, the Global Business Accelerator Programme visit is certainly enabling this to be achieved.


Day two


Our visit to Cybertech Tel Aviv has proved most encouraging for delegates who got to meet leaders of the cyber industry, government decision-makers from around the world, as well as technology experts and enthusiasts.


Chris Woods, Cybersparta, has found the conference a great opportunity to meet contacts to develop partnerships for future collaboration and exchange.


Donal Carville, Circadian, shares his thoughts on the conference and how they are using the visit to develop relationships.



Delegate Godfrey Gaston used the opportunity to share his expertise when he sat on a panel discussion on cyber eco-systems around the world. A great debate where the key message was collaboration over competition.