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Albanian producer of milk dairy products seeks distributors.


It is an Albanian producer of a large range of dairy products such as natural and flavored ultra high-temperature processing (UHT) milk, fruit juice with UHT milk and pasteurized dairy products, as well as a large range of cheese products & butter. The company is looking for partners, especially for importers/wholesalers, which supply supermarket chains, smaller food shops in order to add new products to their product range under the distribution services agreement.

Partner sought

The Albanian company is looking for wholesalers or importers to ensure the distribution of its products into the European market. The preferred model of cooperation should be distribution services agreement with a clear aim of cooperation to expand the markets where the Albanian partner can distribute its products under a long term cooperation.


Founded at first on 1997 in the city of Tirana, and merged with incorporation on 2017, it has developed its activity on milk and fresh dairy production. The products were introduced for the first time in the Albanian market in August 2015 and until the end of 2015 a basket of 8 liquid milk products was brought to the market, together with several other fresh dairy products. The current capacities of milk processing and packaging in the company are over 100 ton per day, with the perspective to double this capacity with a new investment on processing and packaging technological lines. After the first period of the activity, the company is evaluating the opportunity to expand through a restructuring strategy, from the “production and distribution” role during the first year of the production, focusing mainly to the “production” role in the future. The expansion of the activity is based on three key pillars: (i) production and co packing for private labels, according to the contracts with the customers; (ii) increase the range and variety of the products, including not only the dairy products, but other products such as dairy alternative drinks and juices mixed with milk drinks; (iii) continues improvement of the quality of the products provided to the clients, by implementing global safety and quality standards. The products that the company is offering consists of: 1. Natural ultra high-temperature processing (UHT) milk: • Cow milk 0.5% - 2.8% fat, pursuant to the client’s requirements, Tetra Pak packaging in 1L cardboard containers (with or without a cap); • Cow milk 1.5% - 2.8% fat with proteins added pursuant to the customer’s requirements (barista targeted products); • Goat milk with different percentages of fat pursuant to the customers’ requirements. 2. Flavored ultra high-temperature processing (UHT) milk: • Natural milk with 1% fat, with different flavors pursuant to the customer’s preferences (strawberry, banana, chocolate, macchiato), Tetra Pak packaging in 1 Liter cardboard containers; • Milk with soya, almond, coconut, etc. basis pursuant to the customer’s requirements, in Tetra Pak Packaging in 1 Liter cardboard containers. 3. Fruit juices with ultra high-temperature processing (UHT) milk: • Fruit juices with milk and with different flavors pursuant to the customer’s preferences (peach, mango, strawberry and banana, apple, etc.); • Juices and nectars with different flavors pursuant to the customer’s requirements. 4. Pasteurized dairy products: • Sour cream in the format 500 g, 1 kg and 5 kg • Fruit yogurt 125 g and 1 kg • White yogurt 350 g and 1 kg • Cream 250g and 1 kg • Butter 125 g, 250 g, 500 g, 1 kg and 5 kg • Cottage cheese 1 kg and 5 kg • Kitchen and confectionery Panna milk • Sliced cheese and normal white cheese • Pizza cheese • UHT buttermilk • Curds with different spices The company has established its strategy based on the care and continuity of the business, projecting, during the first year of its activity, only dairy products, which have reached success and have a consolidated position in the market. It will continue increasing the range of products based on an accurate and detailed analysis of the market and of the customers’ needs. In order to expand its activity the company is looking for importers /wholesalers to conclude distribution services agreement. The Albanian partner shall provide the dairy products and the foreign partners should ensure these products distribution among foreign supermarket chains, smaller food shops etc. The main aim of cooperation is to expand the markets where the Albanian partner can distribute its products under a long term cooperation agreement.

Advantages and innovations

- The competitive advantage of the company is the variety of the products it brings to the market, different types of UHT natural milk and flavored milk, due to the very advanced Tetra Pak technology. - The technology provides flexibility in the range of the production and processing of the products. - The sterilizer, which is the brain of the production line, is the most updated technology manufactured by the giant Tetra Pak. This investment goes beyond the needs only for milk production. The company has tested and in ready to enter in the segment of juices mixed with milk processing, fruit juices and other dairy products, such as cream kitchen and confectioneries Panna milk. The milk is collected from Albanian farms, which guarantee milk of high quality and natural flavor. After the analysis and the lab tests which evaluate the raw material, every subsequent process is carried out in an automatic way registering and controlling every variety or potential anomaly in the process of processing and packaging. The company product has been internationally certificated as follows: ISO 9001: 2008 (quality management Rate). ISO 22000: 2005 (Rate of food safety management. HACCP (preventive system and food safety management. In process of approval for Halal Certificate.

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