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The company from the Bosnia and Herzegovina producing furniture, solid wood panels, briquettes and joinery is looking for commercial and distribution as well as manufacturing agreement


The company was founded in 1996, in the municipality of Bijeljina, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and is engaged in the production of furniture, solid wood panels, briquette and joinery. The company is looking for long-term collaborative partners related to solid wood furniture, solid wood panels and briquettes. Cooperation with collaborative partners can be related to commercial agency and distribution services agreements, as well as manufacturing agreements.

Partner sought

The company is looking for collaborators which are requesting products or services of solid wood furniture, solid wood panels and briquette. The type of collaborators is related to industry and business. Organizations for collaborations should be ready, in accordance with mutual interests, for making different kind of agreements, mainly related to commercial agency, distribution services and manufacturing agreements. Firstly, it means that desired collaborators should be ready to support the company from Bosnia and Herzegovina to establish itself in foreign markets with its products and services. Secondly, collaborators should support promotion as well as distribution of company's products and services in accordance with agreed distribution strategy. Thirdly, collaborative organization should offer some innovative ideas for new products and services which can be offered by the company as product creator or developer. All of these offers should be of interest to potential partners and will be defined in the appropriate contract.


The company is a family enterprise, which produces furniture, solid wood panels, briquette and joinery in the municipality of Bijeljina, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the very beginning, the basic activity of the enterprise was primary wood processing for construction industry. But, over the time, the company has grown into the final manufacturer, with their own furniture production as a result. The main products are beds, nightstands, wardrobes, tables, benches, cabinets, as well as joinery (doors, windows, stair steps, fence), solid wood panels (beech and oak finger jointed and full lamella panels) and briquette (round briquette). Annual production is around 6000 m³ of solid wood panels, used mainly in the furniture production. The company is looking for long term collaboration partners which are requesting new businesses related to above mentioned products, new innovative methods of functioning, modernization of existing methods of our production, exchanging different experiences with the intention to become one of leading producers in the area. Also, the company is very open for further education and professional upgrading of staff at collaborative partners as well as finding requesting different technologies for facilitating processes of production and offering services. The company is looking for partners through distribution service agreement. The potential partners should be specialized in distribution of beds, nightstands, wardrobes, tables, benches, cabinets, as well as joinery (doors, windows, stair steps, fence), solid wood panels (beech and oak finger jointed and full lamella panels) and briquette (round briquette) with well-established distribution network in regional market. Possible agreement will define mutual interest of both sides. The company is seeking also partners through commercial agency agreements for establishing itself into foreign markets. The company will offer promotional support. Motivation of potential partners can be found in commission calculated as a percentage of the total sales price of all goods sold under agency agreement. The company will offer possibilities of making new products and services by itself in accordance with potential innovative ideas by potential partners which can bring some modernization of existing products and services. In this sense, we are looking for partners which can be product creator/ designer or developer.

Advantages and innovations

The company applies ecologically acceptable and innovative and modern technologies, and for the production the company uses wood from the forests managed in accordance with ecological and economic standards. Thus all the products are entitled to the certificates FSC and ISO 9001:2015. Also, company has signed contracts with every National Forestry in the Republic of Srpska. The company uses innovative and modern technology in production of furniture, solid wood panels, briquette and joinery. The company imports technology for primary and secondary processing of producer Paul, Weining Grecon, Costa and the like. Under innovative technologies it means a centralized system for lubricating a saw on a sawmill to a double sided grinder in the production of panels. Some of the machines are designed specifically for the needs of company and for the first time in this form, e.g. double-sided adhesive nozzle with mobile head for the production of width-glued panels. Currently, the company is in talks to install an automated tree sorting / grading system using scanners / cameras / lasers, etc., which is considered as "state of the art" in this industry.

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