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Belgian company is offering a new way for industrial cleaning to distributors and franchisees: cleaning with laser light


The Belgian company developed a new way of industrial cleaning, with laser light and is looking for distribution partners, agents or franchisees to expand their sales network in the UK, France, Italy and Spain. Cleaning with laser has many advantages compared to traditional cleaning methods, such as chemical, dry-ice, grinding and blasting. It overcomes all the disadvantages of these methods. The sales is organised through independent companies worldwide.

Partner sought

The Belgian company is expanding their presence in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain. To do this, they are looking for exclusive distributors, agents or franchisees. An extensive experience with recent industrial cleaning methods or being well familiar with one or more of the focused-on industries is a basic condition. The partner does not necessarily need to be a big player, small SME's are also interesting partners for the Belgian company. The partner needs to develop a separate business unit that focuses on consultancy, sales and servicing activities around laser cleaning. The Belgian company is flexible under which terms this is incorporated (distribution, franchise, agency). Setup of dedicated commercial organization: website, field sales engineers, biased contacts with industry organization, participating in exhibitions is necessary A minimum investment in a commercial system is necessary to demonstrate this strong upcoming technology and to test the contaminants submitted for cleaning. A technical and commercial training will be provided by the company. The local Partner can count on the day-to-day support of the company which has more than 25 years of experiences with industrial cleaning and can advice on the optimal approach. Laser cleaning is an strong upcoming technology that is embraced by a growing list of major, worldwide companies. Lower energy consumption,best eco footprint, better and unique contactless cleaning process and in many cases a return of investment of less than 2 years are the basic features of this technology.


The Belgian company is a spin-off of a company with more than 25 years experiences in all kinds of industrial cleaning (abrasive, chemical, pyrotechnics, dry-ice cleaning, etc...). The spin-off focuses on laser cleaning, a technology developed 12 years ago. It is one of the two worldwide producers of laser cleaning devices. They have a worldwide network of distributors and sales partners in 20 countries. They also have two branches in Asia. Other partners of the Belgian company are service providers, who use the products of the Belgian company in the cleaning services they offer. They are also allowed to sell the products of the company. The international expansion of the Belgian company shows the demand for their product worldwide. To make use of this expansion potential even further, they are looking for distributors, agents or franchisees in the UK, France, Italy and Spain where there is still a potential market untapped for their product. They are looking for a partner that is willing to create a separate business unit in its company where it can focus on selling the products of the Belgian company and on offering consultancy and services related to the products. For the sales a commercial organization will need to be set up (f.e. website, fairs, ...) The Physics: how laser cleaning works When a cleaning job needs to be done, 2 layers of different materials are involved: the layer to be cleaned and the contamination ( oil film , coating , oxide layer , ...) The contamination layer will absorb the laser energy very well, whereas the base material (steel, aluminum, wood, plastics...) will reflect most of the energy. The laser is short pulsed, this means that the laser beam is comparable to small bullets of light, shooting at a frequency of around 200.000 pulses/second! When a bullet hits the absorbing layer, two things can happen: Crimp effect: The base material stays cold, while the absorbing layer heats up.The heat-expansion difference will cause the contaminant to crimp off the base material. Evaporation: The contaminant heats up that much, a plasma is created around the working area. This will cause evaporation. Collecting the released dirt: With a simple suction system the released dirt will be collected for further treatment Applications: Laser cleaning can be applied in any industry where a cleaning process need to be applied such as: steel constructions before and after welding, welding of stainless and aluminium, spot repair of any installation, cleaning of rubber, glass and plastic production moulds, nuclear decontamination, turbine cleaning, etc... Industries: Petro-chemical, food, steel constructions, moulds for car parts, consumer products, rubber tyres production, shipyards, water treatment, cleaning of bakery moulds, decontamination of nuclear contamination, cleaning of anilox printing rollers, etc. Laser cleaning is a perfect cleaning solution, better than any non-destructive testing of welds.

Advantages and innovations

No medium used, only electricity Base material is not damaged Higher levels of cleanliness can be reached Easy to integrate in a production line No chemical waste Local cleaning is possible Low noise, no dust Stable process Low running costs Lower sensitivity to corrosion after cleaning Easy and cheap collection of the dirt with a suction system All industries facing industrial cleaning processes, where at the moment grit blasting, chemical cleaning or dry ice are used, are investigating the switch to laser cleaning technology. The Belgian company has the major advantage that it sells products based on an innovative laser technology and combines this with the necessary materials knowhow, which distinguishes the Belgian company from its competitor. They have experience in working with different international partners and offer training and day-to-day support to their partners.

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