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Bulgarian CAE/CAD (computer aided design/computer-aided engineering) company offers its services to producers in different sectors of the economy (material processing, machine building, energy, automotive) under services and manufacturing agreements


A Bulgarian engineering company offers solutions in the sphere of the 3D modeling (CAD) and computerized engineering (CAE) to manufacturers in material processing, machine building, energy, automotive branches. Execution of the entire manufacturing process – from the concept phase to the product manufacturing is also an option. Services and manufacturing agreements are sought.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

What is CAD and what is CAE? CAD (computer aided design) is a software designing tool for creation of 3D models. CAE (computer aided engineering) is a software tool for testing of the physical characteristics of a model (material, strength, density, fatigue) using engineering methods.

Partner sought

The supposed potential partners are manufactures in various branches of the economy – metal and other materials processing, machine building, energy, automotive. They are expected to provide the company with the needed information for the performance of the offered by it, under a Services agreement, computerized services in 3D modeling and product testing and analysis. If a potential partner needs not only the design but the manufacture of a product, all the operations (modeling, CAE, series development, manufacturing planning, manufacturing) could be performed by the company on the base of manufacturing agreement. In this case the customer is also expected to represent full details of the requested item.


This is privately held Bulgarian engineering company founded in 2006 by an expert with more than 30 years’ experience in product design and tooling equipment. Today, combining the acquired technical and management experience from various projects, the team of engineers, highly qualified in the field of development of innovative products, machines and equipment is in position to offer advanced design solutions and to supply its clients with specific know-how for their manufacturing. The team is mainly focused on the CAD (computer aided design) system CATIA (computer aided three-dimensional interactive application, developed by the French company Dassault Systèmes). CATIA, with the related workbenches, is used throughout most of the company’s engineering projects. Depending on the customer expectations, the team is also able to work with other CAD systems like SolidWorks, NX and Creo. The company offers different types of design and simulation services, covering various projects in the sphere of product design, tooling design, jigs and fixture design. It provides its clients with the needed computer based analysis (applying CAE – computer aided engineering) to proof the fulfilment of the requirements and the product functionality. The company’s activity is pointed towards the following main directions: - 3D product design of innovative products for the machine building, energy and automotive industries, processing of different materials; - Development of technical products and systems with a high degree of complexity; - Design of tools and technological equipment for plastic and metal castings; - Design of devices for optimization of production and technological processes. After the product designing, the company works closely with its clients and their subcontractors, offering them technical assistance with the idea to ensure fluency of the project implementation. It also provides technical consulting with commercial aspects in order to be found the most cost efficient way of product manufacture. If the client is interested, the company is able to execute the whole manufacturing process – from the design of the product to its production and delivery to the client. The aim of the company is to contract Services agreements with entities in the industrial sector of the economy, offering solutions in the design and engineering of different means of production for their manufacturing operations. As the development of the technologies is a continuous process and there is a constant need of new products and equipment for their production, the company hopes that there is a room for long-term business relations with the entrepreneurs, which choose its expertise in this field. To its potential partners, who need not only to be provided with the design and engineering of a particular product, but also its fabrication, the company offers manufacturing agreements.

Advantages and innovations

The technical staff is divided into two departments – CAD designing and development and CAE analysis. This allows the engineers to be narrow specialists in their sphere and to focus their efforts either in the 3D modelling or in the computer testing and analysis of the products. A few experts with managerial experience are differentiated in a Projects manager group, which purpose is to communicate with the clients and to perform surveillance over the time and working schedules and the expenditures. The activities are performed with the software products of some of the most innovative engineering CAD and CAE companies. The company has enough manpower to support the customer just-in-time when he needs engineering expertise to solve its daily tasks.

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