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Producer of Bulgarian traditional preserved foods offers its products to distributors in the foodstuffs sector under Distribution services agreement


Bulgarian producer of traditional canned foodstuffs offers its products to distributors in the branch. The company focused its efforts mainly in the preparation of the classic Bulgarian chutney – Lyutenitsa (appetizer and garnish for various foods) and other similar products, typical for the Bulgarian cuisine and based on old home recipes. The company is also able to accomplish orders, according to customers’ recipes and requirements. A Distribution services agreement is sought.

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Bulgarian company, established in 2015 develops its activities in the sector of canned and preserved foods. They rent the production premises of other company – a modern canning factory, equipped with new machineries with high productivity. The factory is situated near Plovdiv – center of a region in Thracian valley with ancient traditions in the vegetable and fruit growing. In the city there are several universities and institutes closely associated with the cultivation of fruits and vegetables and the food industry – Agricultural University, Vegetable Crops Research Institute, Fruit Growing Institute and University of Food Technologies. This gives the managers of the company the opportunity to employ the right specialists and technical staff. The aim of the owners is to produce and offer traditional Bulgarian dishes, prepared in an old recipes way. For its products the company uses only fresh Bulgarian vegetables and fruits (produced mainly by farmers from the region) and natural spices, without adding artificial preservatives, colorants and flavors. The company is focused on the making of the traditional Bulgarian lyutenitsa (chutney) – a spicy vegetable relish with unique taste. The usually used ingredients are tomatoes, peppers, carrots, eggplant, onion, garlic, vegetable oil, sugar and different spices (black pepper, salt, cumin). For its making, the vegetables are grinded, mixed with spices and after that processed in vacuum evaporators. The consistency may vary from a smooth paste to a thick sauce with small bits of vegetables in it. It is served in different ways – as a relish with strong drinks, appetizer, garnish for meat meals (steaks, schnitzels, meatballs, sausages – grilled or fried) or just spread on a slice of bread with a piece of Bulgarian brined white cheese. At this moment the company offers 6 different types of lyutenitsa, including one with a little honey instead of sugar (this softens the taste), one in which is used traditional Bulgarian tomato variety, that gives a very rich taste to the product and a type with added a small quantity of hot peppers, which makes the chutney a bit spicy. Some of the recipes are used for more than a century in the Bulgarian homemade meals. The company also offers Imambayalda (Turkish traditional vegetable dish, but also very popular in Bulgaria and the region) where the sunflower oil is replaced by olive oil, which enriches its flavor, Thracian appetizer with crushed walnuts - unique product on the market and Chef's sauce – made on the basis of the American BBQ sauce, but with Bulgarian spices and free of any artificial preservatives, colorants and flavors. This sauce may be used as marinade or served with BBQ, French fries, pasta etc. The company has the capacity to produce all other preserved foods from Bulgarian vegetables and fruits (marinated gherkins, conserved tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, sauerkraut, different fruit compotes, etc.) and is opened for negotiations for production of canned foodstuffs according to the customers’ recipes and requirements. The total daily production capacity of the cannery is about 10 000 jars. The company aims at contracting of Distribution services agreement with distributors of foodstuffs. Having at its disposal a modern canning factory, situated in region with significant presence of agricultural producers, the company is able regularly to provide its clients with the negotiated and ordered types and quantities of preserved foods.

Advantages and innovations

The main advantage of the products is that they are prepared according to old recipes, used in the Bulgarian national cuisine. This is one of the most significant reasons for their unique taste. The foodstuffs are made only from fresh Bulgarian vegetables and fruits, which also contribute to be classified as delicatessens. The recipes exclude the usage of any artificial additives – preservatives, colorants or flavors. The company also benefits from the circumstance that its production facilities are situated in an agricultural region where different types of fruits and vegetables are grown.

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