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Bulgarian footwear manufacturing company offers partnership under subcontracting or distribution services agreement


Bulgarian footwear factory with more than 20 years of experience, is specialized in the manufacturing of women's, men's & children's shoes of genuine leather and has free production capacity to offer to potential foreign partners. It is capable of organizing the whole production cycle of shoe manufacturing & to provide finished items under subcontracting agreement. The company would also like to develop a strong long-lasting distribution partnership with wholesalers or retailers.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

The factory offers to potential partners to organize the whole manufacturing process of genuine leather shoes as a subcontractor. The partnering company should have own market developed and could order shoes from Bulgarian company's own shoe collections or provide designs, brand and materials. The factory could offer the following production capacity per day: - up to 500 pairs of sandals; - up to 250 pairs of booties or boots.

Partner sought

The Bulgarian footwear manufacturing company is searching for loyal partners to develop long-lasting business cooperation, as follows: ● Companies which have a customer network and work with factories acting as subcontractors, which have the capacity to manufacture the ordered articles. In this case, the potential partners should present the designs requested. They could also provide own materials for the ordered items or ask the Bulgarian company to offer suitable materials and soles for the provided designs of shoes. The factory is able to organize the whole manufacturing process and offer finished products to the contracting party. The ordered articles by the partnering company could be finished shoes or only shoe uppers. ● The other type of partnership offered is distribution services agreement. The distributor could be a wholesaler or a retailer willing to buy shoes from the Bulgarian company's own collections. The Bulgarian SME will provide leather, materials and soles and organize the manufacturing process, including cutting and stitching shoe uppers, lasting, assembling and finishing the shoes. The transportation of the ready production could be organized by the factory or by the customers/partners depending on the agreement.


Footwear manufacturing factory from Bulgaria is specialized in the production of elegant, casual, and comfortable shoes for people of all ages - women, men and children. The company has more than 20 years of expertise in manufacturing shoes of genuine leather. During the years it is constantly upgrading the qualification of its team of professionals to keep in line with the market demand and clients' needs. It manufactures shoes for the national market and works with Italian, German, Greek and USA partners. The company, located in the region of Pazardzhik, is housed in a building of 1500 m² and uses modern equipment and genuine materials. It works with some of the most famous and reliable footwear machines. The factory manufactures 100% leather shoes, booties, boots, sandals, sabots, etc. for women, men, and children. It has a closed production cycle from cutting upperparts, stitching uppers, lasting, and assembling to finishing the ready product. The daily production capacity is about 220-250 pairs of boots and booties. Currently, the company has a well-developed distribution network at national level. It also exports its products to European countries. The exported articles are mainly models ordered from the company's own shoe collections or designs provided by the customer/partner, which are manufactured by the Bulgarian factory. The transportation of ready products depends on the agreement with the corresponding partners. It could be arranged by the Bulgarian SME or the partner/customer himself. The Bulgarian enterprise would like to develop a strong and long-lasting partnership with foreign companies that are searching for manufacturers to handle their orders providing brand, design and materials upon their request. The SME is also looking for wholesalers or retailers who would like to buy shoes from the company's own collections and distribute or sell them on the respective market, as it is willing to further expand its business abroad.

Advantages and innovations

The advantages of the Bulgarian footwear manufacturing factory are considered to be the following: - more than 20 years of experience and expertise in the production of shoes; - manufacturing of 100% leather shoes; - housed in a large modern building with all production facilities available; - equipped with contemporary machines with tracing and programmability features such as a toe lasting machine, a heel seat/slides lasting machine, a heel nailing machine and a heel seat pounding machine, a cutting lounge, a sewing line and a workshop with a conveyor for assembling shoes; - a team of qualified specialists in footwear manufacturing engaged in the production process; - experience in partnering with companies and clients from Italy, Germany, Greece and USA.

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