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German producer of high-tech systems in voltage energy consumption is looking for distribution partners


Leading German manufacturer of hightech systems in voltage energy consumption (energy saving technology) is looking for distribution partners that can also provide technical service. Core products are variable toroidal transformers. The systems find application in logistic centres and wholesale trade as well as in selected branches like car trading, shopping centers, DIY, garden-centers, hotels, hospitals und communal sector.

Partner expertise sought

The German company is looking for a distribution partner that can also provide technical service in professional installation and maintenance. Target partner countries are United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy and Greece. Partner must offer a large scale of installer experiences to sustainable energy saving products and electricity based systems. Partner should have direct and best access to decision makers (general management) of energy-intensive branches of industry like metal, glass and plastic (B2B). Technical field service is also essential. Ideal partner should have an established clientele as well as a strong network and also excellent knowlegde of the national energy efficiency market and regulations. Partner should operate nationalwide or in a greater region as he will receive exclusive rights to this market.


The German company has been manufacturing and installing components and systems for the control and stabilisation of voltages and currents for a number of decades. Under its own brand, the company has been producing and marketing systems for reducing power consumption, power costs and CO2 emissions. In compliance with International standard IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), voltage fluctuations in the network are infinitely adjusted and the voltage for electrical equipment permanently stabilized within an optimum range. The company’s core competencies include the product segments variable transformers (variacs), toroidal transformers, voltage stabilisation, test systems and voltage management. Voltage management is an effective measure to optimise power consumption, which reduces the environmental impact significantly. Solutions to optimise energy efficiency extend the service life of the electrical equipment and lower expenditure for facility management and concepts to improve the network quality for the decentralised supply of renewable energies – primarily the supply of green power in accordance with the German Renewable Energies Act. The owner-managed company in its third generation boasts a highly specialised team of advisors for customer-oriented solutions. The company guarantees a consistently high standard of quality through its certification to DIN EN ISO 9001. It operates world-wide and has more than 4000 voltage optimization units produced and successfully installed. The German company is looking for a distribution partner preferably in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and Greece that can also provide technical service in professional installation and maintenance. Partner should operate nationalwide or in a greater region for granting exclusive rights to this market.

Advantages and innovations

- High-quality product and approved standard. - Sustainable reduction of electric costs. - Savings up to 15 % of total consumption. - Savings of lighting systems up to 30 %. - Reduction of peak load up to 15 %. - Longer service life of electrical equipment. - Reduction of maintenance costs in machines. - Uninterrupterd operation. - Reduction of CO2 emission 576g p. each unused kWh. - Short amortisation periods between 2-3,5 years. - Operational lifetime 25 years plus x. - Wide range in application. - Simple and quick installation and low maintenance. - High reliability of integrated components. - Decades of experience and competence. - Guaranteed saving potentials. - Full seller`s warranties. - Certificated and verified. Benefits of systems: 1. Existing installations must not be modified at all. 2. Function and operation safety of the existing electrical equipment are maintained without restrictions. 3. Only the consumptionis lowered: depending on the structure of the used electrical equipment and service life, savings up to % 15 are verifiable. 4. The energy efficiency increases: Energy not used doesn`t need to be generated and transported. 5. Fully documentary proof.

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