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Spanish company specialized in photonics offers visible light communications solutions for control access and mobile payments throught services and license agreement.


A Spanish company specialized in the development of applications based on visible light communication has designed a solution for mobile devices to be used for control access, validation, as master key or for secure payment. The solution consists of a hardware design and standard. The company seeks license agreement and services agreement to expand abroad.

Partner expertise sought

Type of partner: industry, hotel, bank, fintech interested in control access or secure payment. Activity: ICT, Tourism, banking Role: The company offers services to the transfer the solution to international markets and is looking for other organisations interested through service agreement and license agreement. The Company seeks partnership with companies to adopt new technology by license agreement and to realize further growth the company is looking for services agreements to augment their portfolio by collaborating with organisations which can provide complementary activities.. ICT activity_ the company seeks mobile hardware developer partners (android) Tourim activity_ access control for hotel, apartment, etc Banking activity_access control and/or secure payment


The company has a solid background team in Visible Light Communications technology (VLC). It is specialized in the field of the telecommunications, home automation and optoelectronics. Today Manufacturers of LED drivers must offer a wide range of drivers to cover the electrical power requirements of LED lighting manufacturers. The solution is a natural evolution of a new emerging technology, VLC, applied to smartphones for control access and mobile payments. It allows implementing new features in mobile devices taking advantage of photonics, such as data security and reliability, with a total adaptability to any hardware. The solution uses the LEDs installed in any mobile device to transmit codes using the modulation of the LED light of the mobile flash, programmed by an App and by means of an optical receiver it is able to decode the codes sent. Given the universal integration of mobile devices in our society, the application is an intuitive and multipurpose solution for any user, able to ensure from a secure and personal control access replacing all of their keys to a secure payment thanks to the special properties of Optical Wireless Communications. Since the basic solution is already tested and working, it is pretended that is going to become a middleware between users and a Host, so it will never store any personal data, but will communicate with the Host, mainly by Ethernet protocol, and Host which will be the responsible of validating the codes received and therefore will be also able to identify the owner of the code, at the same time in will be included a history of all the accesses and the time at which they were made. The solution can be applied in industry, tourism or fintech, for control access or secure payment. The company would like to expand abroad and enter new markets through license agreement and services agreement. The company is offering its know how to potential partners for mutual cooperation throug services agreement and it is interested in licensing its patent and its exploiting in international market .

Advantages and innovations

The LED Lighting Market has seen a rapid evolution during the last ten years. Improved brightness performance and life span of up to 50.000 hours, have helped LEDs to become a more efficient and cheaper solution. Nevertheless, LEDs lifespan and performance is often far from their stated values. The failures of Solid State Luminaires are often associated with improper management of temperature or simply due to driver errors. LED driver guarantees are mostly set to a maximum of three years. Nowadays, there is a growing number of scenarios -in- house domestic applications, traffic lights, hospitals, hotels, etc.- where illumination devices based on visible LED lamps are used. The LED Lighting Industry currently has to face is the complete lack of standardization in LED dimming and LED drivers. The company has development a solution that consists of a unique hardware design and standard. The operating point is digitally controlled by an intelligent control unit, and its characteristics can be adapted to all the different requirements of LED lighting manufacturers The advantages it is the special properties of Optical Wireless Communications.

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