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Spanish manufacturer of bags, garment covers and other advertising packaging in non-woven fabric and paper is seeking distributor partners


Spanish company manufactures and trades reusable bags and advertising packaging products of non-woven fabric, paper, raffia (pp woven), cotton and other materials. It is seeking partners to sell its products at new markets in the framework of distribution services agreements. The company will offer their distributors commercial training and trademark license of its products.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Companies and entrepreneurs with financial and managemente capacity to carry out the investment needed and to start up and manage the Production Centre.

Partner sought

it is not necessary for the partners to be a professional of the sector of advertising packaging, because they will receive complete and continuous training from the company experts. Entrepreneurs who want to start a new business are also wellcome, as well as companies which want to expand the scope of their current commercial/productive activity or offer new services related to advertising packaging to their costumers It is required financial capacity and solvency to carry out the investment needed and to start up and manage the Production Centre, aside from management capacity to be the only responsible of the production Centre. Willingness to devote the best efforts as chief operating officer and executive director who works to achieve the goals of their own business.


This company started its path within the flexible packaging sector in 1991. Since its establishment, the company tried to elbow its way in this sector, betting on a new material, the extruded polypropylene, commonly known as non-woven fabric. Nowadays, it is one of the top Spanish producers of bags and covers made of flexible material, being a national reference on its sector. It is seeking trusted partners for long term business service agreement. This cooperation will allow a deeper approach to the needs of the final customers. It looks for companies interested in starting to distribute their products, fully customized according to the specifications of the final customer. Depending on the evolution of the distribution agreement, it is possible to carry out the finishing phase at destination as the company offers all the necessary technical advice. It offers a profitable and proven successful business model which allows the partners to start and manage their own production line of bags, garment covers and other packaging material. This centre will be integrated in the company’s international trade network and managing all or some of the following activities: 1. Supply Chain Management and stock procurement 2. Bags, covers and advertising packaging products manufacturing 3. Product customization and printing: flexography, silk screen and other digital printing 4. Distribution and commercialization The potential Business Partners will be the ambassadors of the brand, for this reason, the company will put at their disposal the most advanced management methodologies and the tools needed in order to implement and manage their own Production Centre: - Industrial and Commercial Know How of more than 25 years of experience. - Trademark licenses - Marketing and communication service - Raw material (non-woven fabric) and finished product supply service - Machinery and technical equipment supply service - Back office service - Access to an integrated business network. The company offers an opportunity to join its network and being guided by an expert in the sector.

Advantages and innovations

-Non-woven fabric is a highly customizable and resistant product. It is possible to add a film layer to the non-woven fabric with lamination process, giving new technical and esthetical characteristics to final product. This material is impermeable and it os 100% polypropylene. It does not have any type of toxic component. Its applications are infinite to manufacture any promotional product: bags, garment covers, tablecloths, envelopes, bagpacks... -All of the companies of the Group are integrated vertically. They produce their own raw material (non-woven fabrics) in order to manufacture bags and a wide range of products. They control all the production process, for this reason they can guarantee the highest standards of quality to all parts of the value chain. -The resulting synergy between the companies of the Group strengthens their production flexibility and competitiveness. -They do not depend on external suppliers. They produce their own raw material. -The group manufactures environmentally friendly products: 100% recyclable, reusable, and backed by their certificate of quality (ISO9001 and PEFC certificate) -The company has two production centres, one of them in Spain and the other one in China, located in the region of Xiamen. The Spanish factory, also the main and administrative headquarters of the company, works in the production and customization of flexible packaging and automatic paper products. The factory in China is a mirror of the Spanish factory. All the production and quality processes and delivery times are monitored on their own. This duality in production allows them to meet the needs of any kind of client, big or small, regardless of the geographic area it comes from. -The parent company manages the network of the entire Group's Production Centres as an extension of its own activity. -They develop an intense and continuous Research and Development work from the beginning, mainly focused in: The development of new products and n

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Secret Know-how,Trade Marks

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