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A Spanish SME is looking for distributors for a non-intrusive integrated system to detect epilepsy seizures at night-time


A Spanish technology-based SME, expert in electronic devices and software development, has developed a non-intrusive integrated system to monitor epilepsy patients at night-time that alerts caregivers when a seizure is detected and generates useful information for improving medical treatments. The company looks for distributors of medical related products for hospitals and health centres.

Partner sought

The potential partners should be or have good access to wholesalers or suppliers with a focus on the health sector such as hospitals and health centres. The company is interested in finding distributors with experience in the field of medical related products.


A Spanish SME, focused on the development of electronic devices, embedded systems and IoT (Internet of things) applications, has developed an innovative solution for the detection of night-time epileptic seizures. Approximately 50 million people worldwide have epilepsy, an illness characterized by recurrent seizures. The estimated proportion of the general population with active epilepsy is between 4 and 10 per 1000 people. Globally, an estimated 2.4 million people are diagnosed with epilepsy every year. When patients suffer generalized convulsions there is a risk for them of being injured or having a cardiac arrest. Caregivers (usually patients’ relatives) reduce this risk by being alert and applying techniques such as holding the patients, putting them in a certain stance or providing them with the prescribed drugs. The problem worsens when seizures occur at night-time. Relatives usually sleep in the same room as affected people trying to detect when a seizure occurs. This reduces the intimacy, increases the feeling of dependence, worsens the sleep quality and, most important, it is not very effective. In other scenarios like clinical environments, it is not even feasible that caregivers stay the whole night with each affected person. In order to overcome these problems, the company has developed a system to monitor patients during night-time and alert their caregivers when a seizure is detected. This solution is based on high sensibility sensors that can detect even the slightest movement. These sensors are placed on the mattress of the affected people so they are not intrusive. The system analyzes the data gathered from the sensors in real time, records the seizures in video and sends alerts to the mobile device of the caregivers through an application for mobile devices (smartphones or tablets). This way, patients are assisted on time, minimizing seizures’ risks, and caregivers can rest peacefully knowing that the system will wake them up when a seizure starts anytime. The systems allows to share (under patient authorization) different information about seizures to help doctors diagnosing and prescribing, and also for medical research purposes. This solution will significantly improve the quality of life of people suffering seizures during night-time and their caregivers, minimizing also the dangerous consequences of generalized convulsions such as bone breakage or other injuries, even sudden death. It recognizes any kind of seizures, regardless of the pathology causing them; nonetheless, at this early stage, the focus is set on epilepsy, due to the huge amount of people and families suffering from this disease around the world. The company is looking for distribution services agreements with providers of medical related products for hospitals and healthcare centres.

Advantages and innovations

Innovations: • Non-invasive • Patient-self-adaptive and self-learning algorithm for seizure detection • Camera and cloud platform for doctors • Reduced-cost technology • Medical validation Advantages: • Security: reduces the risks derived from generalized seizures by immediate detecting them and alerting caregivers. • Intimacy: affected people and caregivers can sleep in different rooms and keep their personal space. • Quality of sleep: caregivers can rest peacefully since they do not have to be watching affected people the whole night. • Help for doctors: gives doctors a monitoring tool for patients so they can make a better diagnosis and prescribe more adapted treatments. • Investigation: users decide if they contribute to an anonymous base of knowledge for investigation purposes. • Versatility: the system is suitable for persons of any age as well as for domestic and clinical environments.

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